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Monday, June 23, 2014

Field Day Festival.

What I wore:
Turquoise Maxi Skirt - New Look
Round Sunglasses - New Look
Bowler Hat - Missguided
Over the shoulder bag - Urban Outifitters
Sandals - Primark 

A few weekends ago I attended Field Day Festival, the sun was shining and we were lucky enough to have super hot sunshine all weekend (about 23 degrees!) and be fortunate enough to encounter no rain, unlike last year! 
As Field Day is a non camping festival we had booked a Holiday Inn up in advance, we managed to get hold of the central one in the middle of Stratford City Westfields where we stayed for Friday and Saturday evening. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend Cafe Football for a dinner review on the Friday evening which was actually right next door to our hotel (freaky!). 
Saturday was a fab day and we ended up starting early with a couple of pre-drinks in our hotel room before we made our way over to Victoria Park. I was well on my way drinking Henry Westons 8% cider - woops!

I will admit, parts of Saturday are a blur, we did consume quite alot of alcohol, some acts we saw included; Warpaint, Tourist, Teleman, Jagwar Ma and Metronomy. We located an amazing foodie van while at the festival called Yum Buns, I don't know if you've tried them before, I know they are at Street Feast London every Friday and Saturday night  but they were bloody amazin' - you can see the photo above (its making me hungry for one now just writing about it). Seriously the scrummiest sandwich I've had in a long time. They are on these super soft steamed buns and were filled with pulled pork and chicken. We even went back for more on the Sunday!

We ended up waking up on Sunday pretty hungover and worse for wear, especially knowing we needed to pack up and be out of the hotel room for 11am. (groan!) After much trouble we managed to get ourselves out and being in the centre of Westfields headed out on our search for the biggest full english we could find!
We stumbled upon the restaurant Bumpkin, where we got hold of the most delicious fry up accompanied by some super fresh orange juice and hangover cure lemonade. 
This definitely helped set us up for the day ahead. 
We walked all through the Olypmic Park to make our way for the second day of the festival. 
You could tell we weren't feeling right as we only consumed one cider shared between us over the whole day, preferably opting for icecreams, coke with lots of ice and lots of yum buns instead. 
The highlight of Sunday was definitely The Temples for me, there wasn't a bad song in the set and they are definitely a new favourite of mine. I can't stop listening to the album. 
All in all it was a fab weekend with lots of sun, cider, music and giggles. I can't wait for next year!



  1. Lovely post and great photos :) i love festivals, shame it wasn't camping! Unless you prefer not to of course :) I went isle of wight this year and am so sad it's over :( even though it was over a week ago I'm still suffering from festival withdrawal!

    amber love

    1. Thank you for your comment! I bet Isle of Wight was so much fun.. I still haven't been myself. Would love to go to another festival this summer! Xx

  2. Glad you managed to have a good time despite your arm still being in a sling. Bit of a lightweight second though lol gotta get right back on it ;)

  3. I love Yum Bun, they're so good and so light and fluffy that I always feel like I could eat about 10 of them at once.

    1. I was just thinking.. How amazing would it be if like you could hire them out for a party or to do the food catering at your wedding. This is my plan. Making me hungry thinking about them! Xx

  4. Great photos - they're making me long to be chilling in a field with cider, music and sunshine! Sounds like a fantastic weekend :) xx

  5. I'm in LOVE with the sunglasses.

    Also - wonderful photos! It is really inspiring.

    Mandie from

    1. Thank you I'm glad you like my photos and find it inspiring :) xxx


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