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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ASOS Baggy T-shirt Dresses and Peaked Hats.

Catarzi Classic Navy Fedora Hat - ASOS
T-shirt Dress- ASOS
Belt - River Island

Just before I headed to Field Day festival this weekend I had a little panic about what I was going to wear..
Dressing up the broken arm was a bit of a concern for me.. finding the perfect balance between hiding the horrible arm brace and keeping it enough on show so people would be aware I was delicate and fragile. 
I decided to have a little peek on ASOS when I spotted a 25% discount code :)
Unfortunately these items didn't arrive in time for my festival weekend, bearing in mind I ordered them on Wednesday evening.. slightly wishful thinking from me, but it was worth a shot, this is ASOS were talking about right, who usually deliver to me in an exceptional short space of time!
I've had this baggy t-shirt dress in my saved items for a while now and have been waiting for a nifty little discount code to fall into my hands. 
It covers my arm gear perfectly - you can't even tell I have a broken arm here right?
It's a fab length, I've hoisted it up a bit with a belt, but its actually knee level, which I love!
So its ideal for the summer, especially when I don't need to worry about tights or leggings. 
I also couldn't avoid this beautiful fedora.. that was half price (£15!!!!) and you know I have a slight obsession with hats and really couldn't allow myself to overlook such a beautiful colour - I don't own any navy ones yet!
I was kindly sent these lush Sam Edelman sandals from the lovely Beth at Mediaworks.. which were from the online website Diffusion, which I can honestly admit I've never heard of until now (or Sam Edelman for that matter) but I'm seriously quite in love with the striped pony effect fabric strip on these beaut leather sandals!! 
These are definitely a firm favourite for my summer sandal wardrobe.
Now I just need to book a holiday so I can wear them for a week long!



  1. Gorgeous outfit, that fedora is soooo cute!

  2. I genuinely really love how you've brought this in at the waist with a chunky belt, I always really struggle to accessorise plain items, especially with belts but this is just so well put together! xx

  3. Great disguising job, deffo can't tell you've got a broken arm here! Also loving the Sam Edelman sandals xxx


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