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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Sporting A Fashionable Broken Arm!

Limited Edition Wide-Brimmed Fedora Hat - River Island
Canary Yellow Knit Jumper - Glamorous (*)
MOM Style Vintage Levi's - Brag Vintage (*)
Pointy Flats - Dorothy Perkins


So today was the first day I thought, right I'm going to get some clothes on and get outside.. even if it was only to blog an outfit post and then clamber back into my snug pajamas!
Even so, it was quite impressive with the awkwardness of my broken arm.. 
I was quite impressed I managed to get these jeans on, all this sitting around has made me comfort eat and I know I've gained a little weight round my middle, through over indulging with my best friends ice-cream and chocolate.
I really wanted to share with you this gorgeous canary yellow knit jumper I got my hands on from Glamorous :)
So thought I'd be able to get it on, while looking like a bit of a divvy with one arm missing!

Anyway if you like my individual style.. broken arm incorporated or not,
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Over and out.


  1. You actually do make the broken arm look fashionable! Kudos on getting the jeans on, I can imagine it wasn't particularly easy!

    Hope it heals sooner rather than later.


  2. P.S - That jumper is HAWT! x

  3. I think you're completely working the broken arm look! Hope you're not in too much pain. The colour of the jumper is gorge!

  4. Beautiful outfit, your jumper is a lovely colour & i hope your arm gets better soon! I've voted for your blog by the way!

    If you have a spare minute pretty please could you vote for ‘Collage Me Pretty’ as Best Personal Style Blog Newcomer at Company Magazine’s Style Awards? I’d really appreciate it and don’t worry, it only takes a few seconds, follow this link please:

    Love Emma xx

  5. You look gorgeous despite the broken arm! The colour of that jumper is stunning - it definitely draws away attention from your arm ha!

  6. That jumper is so pretty, I love blue and yellow as a colour combination so this is perfect x

  7. Its such a beautiful bright colour!! Love the outfit (even with the broken arm)
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  8. Aww honey this musta been a night are getting these shots with your arm. Great jumper, hope you're feeling better

  9. I LOVE this outfit, definitely your style and you rock it so well. I hope you get better soon hun, kudos to actually getting up ad doing this! xxx

  10. You wear the broken arm so well and are looking as gorgeous as ever! Loveee that jumper! Voted for you in the style awards too!
    Amy x

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  11. You are rocking the broken arm dude! And your jumper is gawjus!
    Keep resting up
    M x Life Outside London

  12. You look lovely! You rock that broken arm! Love the jumper as well! x
    ps voting for you in the style awards, best of luck!!

    Kathryn | effievanity

  13. this may sound weird, but these pictures turned out super cool with your broken arm like that lol i'm sorry! love your outfit

  14. I absolutely love the jumper :) you look gorgeous even with a broken arm :) xxx


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