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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Food & Drink: Hare & Hounds Public House, Surrey

I was asked to try out the beautiful boutique-style "Hare and Hounds" Public House situated in 
Lingfield, Surrey close to the famous Lingfield Race Course. 
I took Alex with me as my loyal fellow food lover! (My way of treating the boyfriend!)
Our visit was a few weeks back now - I do apologise for my delay in writing up this post, this broken arm is rather slowing me down on the writing and typing front!
We were greeted with the rustic charm and oozing characteristic interior of the pub, 
which was more than tastefully decorated to a superb standard!
I'll say sorry now for the picture quality (not up to my best standard), the lighting was low and I was using my iPhone which is usually a lot better, but I was still able to capture its homely character and boho-rustic vibe.  
The pub featured various coves of cute, cushioned seating areas, hidden away from the view of others. 
As soon as we entered we were greeted ever so warmly and asked straight away whether we would prefer a bottle of white or red wine to accompany our meal. 
Our waitress was charming and attentive from the word go, (I really should have asked for a name)
and the wine was so scrummy! I think it may have just been the house white? 'Cuvee Tradition'
It definitely the nicest white wine I've had in long while!
Menu's in hand that provided promising yummy food and some strange light crisp-esk 
nibbles supplied, we were feeling this was going to be a GOOD meal!
We thought we'd go all out with three courses, so I started with;
- A butternut squash soup
Which was actually DEVINE! I couldn't get enough of my starter, and whats more I was provided with a jug of free soup refill and some bread & butter (which you can see on the left) and obviously I polished this all of. 
I can definitely declare this was the best soup I have ever tasted. Creamy, thick and oozing with flavour and filled in the middle full of tender butternut squash! 
Ahh I'd love to have it for my dinner now.
Alex opted for;
- Roasted Scallops, Pickled Shallot with Thai Curry Dressing £12.50 
He thoroughly enjoyed, and even I, who always insists that I would never want to try scallops was drawn in by the smell & opted for a sneaky nibble!
I was definitely surprised to admit that I didn't squeal or regret my choice - they were actually really yummy and tasted nothing like I expected. I was thinking fishy and weird texture = eww but they didn't taste fishy at all.
They were more meaty and just unusual - I really want to try them again now. 
Next was mains! I opted for;
- “Hare & Hounds” Bacon & Cheese Burger, Crispy Onion Ring £13.50 
While Alex went for;
- “Middle White” Pork Sausages, Caramelised Onion Marmellade & Mash Potato £12.50
My burger was HUGE! As you can see...
The bacon looks like the burger is sticking its tounge out at me!
It was full of a huge beef patty, bacon, cheese, lettuce and filled top and bottom with some sort of relish / marmelade that was so yummy, however, I think I struggled as I'd be tipped over the edge with the generous helpings of soup I'd been given (which I admit, I probably had too much of!).
So Alex did help me finish this off, it was super yummy though, and topped with some delicious, crispy onion rings!
Alex's sausage and mash, looked so good. Always a classic, homely pub favourite!
I sampled.. and the sausages were lovely!
Being in a pub, our meal would be incomplete without a side of chips!
So we got:
- Triple Cooked Chips with Crème Fraiche & Chilli Jam £3.50
These were as scruuuuumy as they sound, and the dip accompaniment was delicious and the perfect mix of spicy and cool! 
By this point, you would have thought we were full, right?
Especially as I just admitted above I needed a helping hand to finish off my burger.
I believe there is a special hole in our bellies for desserts that is separate to the other parts, hence why I'm always able to find a space to squeeze one in :)
However, we opted to go small and share!

- Selection of Sorbet and Ice Cream with Cookie £5.95

We thought Ice cream and sorbet was a good shout, as it was soothing and not too heavy on the old stomach.
We had a choice of lots of variation,
I'm pretty sure we went for;
- a scoop of praline ice cream
- forest fruits sorbet
- and another sorbet that had tomato in it (YES TOMATO), which we were recommended, strange I know but it actually tasted quite nice!

Overall we both agreed we had an amazing meal!
The food was super scrummy, we will both definitely be going back and taking a group or friends or family to sample more of their delicacies that they have to offer.
The service - we couldn't fault it, so compliments to the chef and owners (I'm pretty sure the chef is the owner)
Were both glad we found this little gem in Lingfield 
& can't wait to go back!

Hope you enjoyed my review & pictures!
Check out their website and menu's available here:) 


  1. Wow my mouth is drooling at the pictures!

  2. Classy restaurant :) what a nice treat, their meals look tempting too.
    Great you had good time ^^

    And nice blog :)


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