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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life Lately.

 1. The X-ray of my broken Humerus bone :( 
2. The stupid shoulder / arm brace I have to wear to support my arm, getting dressed is proving to be very difficult unless I own size 20 baggy tops!
3. Beautiful flowers from my mumma to cheer me up and brighten up the room.
4. Tulips from my darlin friend Charley all the way in Guernsey and cards.
 5. My new sheepskin rug from Ikea arrived! Its ridiculously snug and fab to snuggle my feet into!
6. Lots of time at home resting doing nothing calls for lots of magazines and creme eggs. (I had 5 last week - woops!)
7. Gorgeous blogging goodies I received from Glamorous UK, including a canary yellow knit, white sandals & sleeveless high neck denim dress.
8. Mid-week I was feeling down, mum made me some lovely carrot, leek, celery and onion soup with garlic bread :)
 9. Starting to gather a collection of easter eggs, especially from Thorntons!
10. Decided to make some yummy pancakes with honey, banana and strawberries. YUM!
11. Tea and chunky chocolate biscuits to help me get through the long days.
12. Have been very bored so attempted some one-armed decorating with wooden heart bunting.
13. Sporting my new Glamorous yellow knit - one item I'm actually able to fit over my arm!
14. My sunny garden yesterday.
15. I've been chosen as the blogger to represent Charmed Ivy Jewellery and got sent these beautiful necklaces to blog.
16. Going a bit stir crazy with cabin fever so mum took me out and treated me to a Costas: Brie and Bacon Panini with Peach Icy Lemonade. 



  1. You poor little sausage!
    Looks like you're being looked after well though. And I know I already said this but I really bloody love that yellow jumper!
    (And one can never have enough creme eggs. Ever).
    M x Life Outside London

  2. how is your arm lady? hope its not still sore. love your sheepskin rug, i used to have one of those when i was a kid

  3. Aw I hope your arm heals up fast!!
    Love all the sunny pics Ive been seeing lately!!!

    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  4. bless you and your poor arm, its amazing how boring bed rest can be, I start going a bit stir crazy and end up shopping online too much!

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  5. Hope your arm gets better soon! Lovely pictures though :) x

  6. Is it bad that because I've never broken anything that I'm totally jealous of your X-ray? I hope it heals soon for you though.

  7. Awwww feel better soon!

    Also make sure you check out our amazing "Ready for Spring" Giveaway here and stand the chance to win great prizes! :-)

  8. I LOVE your glamorous goodies and I hope you get better soon as a fashionista I can imagine how hard it is getting dressed I would be crying every morning I think! xxxx

  9. Darling, I hope everything is going to be better and better! xx

  10. I hope you're feeling much better now hunni! Love the look of that soup, looks lush! I love a home-made soup and when you add some hot buttery bread, it's even better :)

    Gem x


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