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Monday, March 17, 2014

River Island Attire

// Simple Cami with Cross-over Back: River Island //
// Sharks Tooth Necklace: H&M //
// Lace-up Ankle Boots: Topshop // 

Ok.. So I may have taken myself on a little River Island spending spree.
I really need to shop there more often - I really don't know why I don't, its full of fashion steals!
I saw the wonderful Sarah Nunn sporting these beautiful loose-fitted trousers at London Fashion Week and instantly knew I had to get myself a pair. 
I adored the belt she had worn with them, only to find this was included in the purchase.. 
A chunky gold-buckle belt clasping patterned boho style trousers,  it was love at first sight. 
So I made a cheeky order online & purchased these, along with this wonderful wide-brim floppy hat, I've been meaning to add another black hat to my collection!
I'd nabbed myself a discount code, & arranged for an in-store delivery to my local branch (may as well minus the incur of those postage costs, yip!)
So it was win-win, 
I was only tempted even more on collection of my items, when I stumbled upon the actual store.
I kept my money in my pocket, (just about), and restrained myself from splashing too much extra dollar, only to purchase a black and a white Cami with cute little cross-over backs. 

Also notice my new shark-tooth necklace, slightly in love with this as well :)
Make sure you grab a copy of the latest Glamour magazine, there's a cheeky 25% discount card for H&M! 


  1. Gorgeous trousers, I really like your hat too! <3

  2. Check you out bare arms, it's got so much milder recently hasn't it. Love the trousers chick

  3. I flippin' love this outfit, I wish I had your wardrobe haha!

    Hannah xxx

  4. Ooh I love this outfit! Especially the hat :) xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  5. I might have to snap up those trousers too!

  6. You look AMAZING, how do you do it?! The trousers and the hat combo are gorgeous. I can see more spending coming my way after seeing this gorgeous look xxxx

  7. love the trousers with the chunky belt! x

  8. Super cute! I dig the hat and those pants are fun for spring =)

    By the way, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Take a read here:

  9. I love trousers! Such a perfect outfit :)

  10. lush trouser xxx

  11. Great look, I love the trousers! :)
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK


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