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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Comfiest Trousers I Own!

// Knitted Polo Neck: Topshop //
// Loose fitted trousers: H&M //
// Lace-up Style Chelsea Boots: Topshop //

These have to be comfiest trousers I own. 
They are so good, too good in-fact, I'm convinced they are pajamas! 
Good old H&M providing me with some lush loose fitted trousers, featuring an elasticated waist & cute blue check design. 
They were a huge bargain also - £14.99.
I wore these to college the other day and I've had so many compliments!
Great purchase indeed :)

I love that the evenings are getting lighter, its making it possible for me to go out and take pictures in my garden after college!


  1. Love that coat and the polo neck!

  2. Those are so cute, I need new comfortable trousers and those look perfect <3

  3. I literally love elasticated trousers, these suit you so well and look great with the outfit! Comfort and Fashion always wins! xxx

  4. I have these and they're amazing trousers! Looooove them on you! xx

  5. I love your look, you look so classy in this outfit :)


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