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Monday, March 03, 2014

How to wear a Maxi.. #BohoStyle

// Burgundy Fedora Hat: Topshop //
 // Monochrome Striped Polo Neck Jumper: ZARA //
// Watch: Swatch //
// Bodycon Maxi: Missguided //
// Open Buckle Shoes: Primark //

Hello everybody!
Here's another boho chic look I've created, I wore this to college today,
its quite a simple monochrome look that rocks a chilled, comfy rather elegant style. 
ZARA do such lovely polo-neck jumpers.

In other news:
I've been really struggling with my college schedule and can't believe I'm now on the countdown to the last 3 weeks where all my deadlines are due.. how time flies!
I have my Practical Advertising Presentation next week, then my Marketing the week after, along with lots of job interviews squished in here and there, essays, worksheets, waitressing on weekends alongside balancing seeing the boyfriend and friends. 
*and breathes*

As you can see.. blogging has definitely had to take a backseat WHICH I'VE HATED!
It's made me realise how much of a creative outlet this website of mine is to me.. 
With studying all week and commuting to and fro London, by the time I get home its pretty dark (don't get me wrong, its helping now the mornings and evenings are starting to get lighter.. yippp!)
So I've been forced inside.
As you can see.. another work in progress is taking place. I'm currently in the process of changing bedrooms at my parents house, for all my life I've inhabited a single bed and now at 23 years of age with a long term boyfriend of 4 years.. its about time we could share a bed that is actually mine, in my own bedroom. 
Silly I know, but this is a big thing for me that is much needed!

I've always been in a tiny bedroom, overcrowded by the excessive amount of clothes and bits / bobs I own and we all thought its now time I have a bit more breathing space.
I can't believe I'll be having my own KINGSIZE bed! eeeeek, bestest news ever!
And I'm so excited to get decorating it all and buying lots of bedroom bits and new duvets etc.. 
So as you can see, recently we got the walls painted, my sisters boyfriend did a lovely job. 
I wanted to stick with a minimalist light pink theme as I've already bought decorations for the bedroom that match, the bedroom furniture is white and the bed frame I've just ordered is faux leather brown. 
I'm thinking cream carpets to keep minimalist again, paired with some loose cotton ceiling to floor curtains that will drape nicely.
I've been desperate to find a sheepskin rug to put beside my bed also.
I can't wait to do a nosey bedroom post for you all when its done :)

Any thoughts on decorations for my new bedroom? Cute home items / decor I could buy? 
I'd love to hear your bedroom decor tips! 


  1. Life gets so busy sometimes doesn't it. Good luck with the deadlines. Love your stripey jumper

  2. I adore you sense of style

  3. Hi there^^,
    I love your flappy hat!!
    Have a nice day!

  4. Good luck with your college deadlines lovely. THAT JUMPER. Oh and please post interior posts ;) xx

  5. Very cute casual look. It's both feminine and so chic :)
    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin?


  6. You look amazing! 'Cos I'm so short I cannot pull this look off but you do it is so well, exactly how I want it to look xxx

  7. Lovely outfit! OOoh I love decorating a new room! I finally got my double bed last year and its heaven :) xx

  8. I love that striped jumper! This boho look suits you very well.
    Good luck on your presentation next week! You'll do great!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  9. Ah bet you can't wait for a king size bed ha! You look amazing you suit this style so much!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  10. I love how you styled this look! and good luck with your college deadline!


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