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Friday, February 14, 2014

Be my Valentine?

Be my Valentine?

I know everyone is starting to hate on Valentines Day and I feel like a trend is developing that people feel they have to agree and hate it. 
I know its commercialized and generally businesses take advantage of us consumers and use it as a great excuse to overprice everything. 

Apart from that I LOVE IT! 
Haters gonna hate, but I'm such a smushy mush and proud of it.
And why shouldn't you celebrate it..? 
I think it comes at a great time in the year when everyone is miserable from the weather and still suffering from January blues! 
Another excuse to get together with friends, families or lovers and stuff our faces with chocolates and influence a lot more smiles and share the love! 
Exchange some soppy / humorous cards  - how bad can sharing the love be? 
Unfortunately I'm working tonight so I'll be serving all the loved up couples - hopefully I won't have to experience too many public displays of affection. 
Anyway I'm happy, the boyfriend took me out for a gorgeous 4 course meal last night and I did indeed eat until my hearts content. Plus I now have a fresh supply of Lindt chocolates :) 

I just made a little collage of some little lovely bits that would be cute gift ideas for valentines (most aimed at me) 
You'll notice the pug and French bulldog trend :) 

I wish you all a day full of happiness, smiles and love! 



  1. where is that underwear from? its gorgeous <3

  2. Love the mug and that underwear is gorgeous! Where did you find them? x

  3. I totally agree with you, wtf is this awful trend haha, I love valentines gifts and goodies and your picks are lovely xxx

  4. I love the LOVE pillow :) Hope you had a great Valentine's day!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  5. Love the underwear and the mug! Your meal looked gorgeous on Instagram, hope you had a lovely Valentines!

    Salted Roses // Fashion & Beauty

  6. I love valentines, amazing underwear set you've picked

  7. You smush away, I loves it too! And those undies are beautiful.
    M x Life Outside London

  8. Beautiful picks for Valentines the gorgeous underwear too! xx

  9. I love your blog


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