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Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Perfect Sunday Rainy Day Remedy.

It's SUNDAY, my favourite day of the weekend!
Its raining and its pouring.. 
I thought I'd let you in on a typical Sunday rainy day at my house :)

** I grab the biggest mug of tea I can find and a handful of my favourite biscuits.. (definitely the chocolate kind!) **
** Open a BIG box of chocolates for myself.. and a friend.. or maybe just myself? **
** Grab a handful of my favourite films **
** Slippers and cosy socks at the ready! **
** Snuggle up under a throw.. **
** Light some pretty candles **

And suddenly you've forgotten its raining and miserable outside...
And you're perfectly snug on a rainy Sunday afternoon!

Enjoy your lazy Sunday..
I know I will :)



  1. Sounds fabulous! Chuck in a roast chicken and a decent read and you've got my perfect Sunday too!
    Have a good one.
    M x Life Outside London

  2. Oh Bec, this really does sound like the most wonderful of Sunday's. I do so wish I could join you but, unfortunately for me, mine is going to be full of revision (though I will sneak in plenty of tea and chocolate to help me through!!)


  3. Looks like such a great day! x

  4. I definitely agree with this especially the tea!! Looks like such a cosy day

  5. Oh I wish I could have a cozy Sunday in...but I have schoolwork and studying to be done. :( Maybe if I finish early I can squeeze in a movie or two! :) Have a wonderful day!

  6. sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! :) especially the chocolate biscuits & throw :) hope you've enjoyed your Sunday :) xxxx

  7. Aw this was such a cute post :) I'ma huge procrastinator though so Sundays are normally about catching up on work for me aha ;) <3

  8. oh my goodness i absolutely LOVE guyliaan, they're definitely one of my favourite chocolates!

  9. Looks like a lovely, cosy, relaxing day.

  10. this looks like the ultimate lazy sunday! nice to see when bloggers don't pretend to have fancy lifestyles with exciting trips every day - makes a blog far more relatable! found your blog via #lbloggers chat and followed you on bloglovin :)
    lily x

  11. Those are the best chocolate!! Good choice of movies too

  12. Ah this makes me want a nice cosy day in!
    Lucia's Loves


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