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Neon Print Shift Dress.

// Burgundy Fedora: Topshop //
// Leather Lace-up Boots: Topshop // 

'Jungle is massive, Brap Brap!' 
Sorry excuse my childish gangsta quote. 
The print on this dress reminds me of the jungle :)

As you may have seen plastered across my twitter I have not been on top form this week at all! 
I was struck down with the Norovirus on Sunday evening (I can't remember the last time I felt that awful) and it has completed turned my entire week upside down, I've been feeling so poop, missed a lot of college and various other things and am still very limited on eating food. 
I'm seriously hungry and craving all the things that are making me feel worse *dairy*! 
Hoping I can get rid of it once and for all this weekend.
Luckily I always take my photos in advance so I've been using this sick time to write up lots of blog posts, (some alot later than others) - I guess that's been a slight benefit?!

So I picked this gorgeous Shift Dress up off the So In Fashion website last week and it promptly arrived in swift fashion. 
I was immediately attracted to the electric print which is quite daring and bold!
The dress features rich tones and a neon palette, I think they have successfully brought back neon and made it fashionable again! 
Oh I really did hate that phase of ridiculously bright pink and yellow neon rave everything. 

However I was slightly dubious as I'm like the palest person ever (seriously ever ever) and was worried I wouldn't be able to pull it off. 
When it comes to dresses I seem to own a million smock style ones so thought it was time for a switch up and time for me to try a shift dress, as usual I went a couple of sizes up opting for a 14 which is a fab fit as it doesn't cling to my hips and lies loose on my body. 
I am ever so slightly in love with this print and it is currently my new favourite dress! 
Me and the girls on the business course have been talking about having a night out in Chelsea on Thursday night, as we aren't in on Friday's so this would be a great versatile dress to just throw on and glam up!  
Are you a fan of bold daring prints?

So In Fashion offer 10% off all first orders so get shopping!

I'm already eyeing up their Binky Shift Dress!!


  1. Great dress! I don't know what you were worrying about, you totally pull it off!

    Lola xx

  2. A gorgeous print chick, good choice. I've not been on twitter really missed that you've been I'll, hope you're feeling better x


  4. In love with your dress such a cool print! X

  5. The colour is gorgeous, you actually suit the green so much!

  6. This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours!
    I hope you'll be feeling better very soon!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  7. You can't go wrong with a statement shift dress!

  8. Great dress, and I love your shoes! :)

    la pasion o la moda


  9. lovely outfit. x

  10. I love the colour and your hat, very cute look <3 xx

  11. Love this

  12. Love the print, the bolder the better I say! Jealous that you're going on a night-out in Chelsea. Have fun! x


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