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Friday, December 13, 2013

I Got My Red Dress On Tonight, Dancing In The Dark In The Pale Moonlight.

// Beanie: Dorothy Perkins // 
// Heart Clock Pendant: Accessorize // 
// Red Velvet Trapez Dress: Missguided // 
// Silver Ring Stacks: Topshop // 
// Creepers: Urban Outfitters (Sale) // 

I adore this Red Velvet Trapez Dress I got for my birthday and its from Missguided!
Its pretty much an oversized smock style with a gathered elasticated waist and sleeves that feature the permanent rolled up look. 
I went with the M/L size as you know I like my clothes baggy and practically hanging off me.
The style works really well with this dress as it kind of hangs off one shoulder which is quite a laid back look. I've styled it up pretty casually and I've gone for a gothic-grunge look. 
That's whats so great about this dress, really versatile and would be the perfect dressed up look with some heels and a bowler / fedora hat. 
I thought I'd drag me old creepers out the cupboard which I completely forgot I had, and believe me these were such a steal at £10 in the Urban Outfitters sale! 
Also - I don't think I've gone a day this week without a beanie on my head, major hat hair problems!

I thought I'd leave you with this lovely little number as I'm off to pack another suitcase because I'm off to Paris tomorrow morning with the boyfriend for the blogging competition I won with Superbreak - yeah baby :)! 
We've got a super early Eurostar at 7.30am so we thought we'd book a hotel in London for tonight so were all ready to go! 
Super duper excited. 
I'll take lots of photos for you all!


  1. Looking gorgeous! The colour of the dress is beautiful. So jealous you're off to Paris yet again! Hope you have fantastic time

  2. Such a gorgeous shade and shape, utterly perfect for the christmas period!

  3. I love your velvet dress - it's perfect for this season!!
    UK High Street Fashion Blog

  4. Love velvet but I've never worn a smock dress before- but you look great in it! Have a great time in paris! <3 Gisforgingers. xx

  5. This dress is so lovely. I love velvet, it is so soft to wear.
    Oooh, tomorrow is the day! Enjoy yourself in Paris!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  6. Gorgeous dress, looks great on you!

  7. Love your velvet dress! It always reminds me of the festive period x

  8. I love this dress, I really want the navy one for christmas :) it looks lush on you <3

  9. great post. would you like to follow eachother?

  10. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This dress needs to be mine, I'm sorry ;)
    It really suits you, looks perfect with your hair colour and great for this season xxx

  11. Oh my god you look stunning! I love that dress, it's amazing!x


  12. Stunning outfit! That dress is absolutely to die for!
    Oh have a wonderful time in Paris lovely, can't wait to see the photos!

  13. Love that dress! Its just so pretty:) x

  14. Yay!!! You got the Missguided velvet trapeze too! Aren't they just the best?! The red looks so great on you <3 :) xo

  15. love the dress - my sister has it too. Hope you have an amazing time in paris, make sure you guys visit the love lock bridge it is sooooo cute! x


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