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Monday, November 18, 2013

Vintage & Retro Fair: Horsham

// The Sussex Love Bug outside the event - I want this car! Unfortunately it wasn't for sale.. // 
I live in the very cute little town of Horsham! 
As you can see above its full of character features and cute little buildings. 
Unfortunately, we don't have many clothes shops, literally just a Topshop, New Look, 
Dorothy Perkins along with a ton of coffee shops and restaurants. 
I tend to do my shopping in a mix of places as its limited to what I can find here! 
As you may have already noticed I'm a huge lover of all things vintage 
and love finding a good bargain wherever I can! 
So when I found out a Vintage & Retro Fair was making its way over 
to us in wee little Horsham.. I knew I had to go! 
So on Sunday I headed over, dragging Alex along with me who lovingly agreed to be my
 shopping caddy for the next two hours! 
// All the stalls looked amazing and were beautifully presented drawing 
my keen eye in, they all had such cute little touches and unique bargains on offer! // 
// Fur coats galore! //
// Cute little teacups, clocks, empty glasswear bottles, ornaments.. //
// Suitcases! I was desperate to buy one but couldn't justify the spending or where I would put it, I will continue to keep my eye out - especially for when decorating my new bedroom! //
// Cute tealights.. I couldn't resist and bought one of these - only £1! // 
// Handmade cushions & christmas decorations //  
// A range of vintage clothes // 
// Quirky jewellery stalls! // 

My Purchases
I'd had a busy weekend at work and managed to make a lot of money in tips so thought I'd treat myself to a few cute little bits.. 
Here's what I got my mitts on.. all together I spent £20 and was so happy with everything I found :)
// Tealight & Candle Holder: £1 // 
// Assortment of Hand-painted Pegs: £2 // 
// Cup and Saucer: £6 //
// Glass Bottle: £2 // 
// Vintage Check Oversized Shirt: £3 // 
// Jumpsuit with Stirrups: £6 //


Super happy with all my finds!
This event was held by Belles Events they hold a range of vintage & retro fairs around the South. 
I see they do regular ones in Brighton as well so I definitely am going to head over to one of these next time!

I hope you like my finds :)


  1. Aw it looks perfect! I wish I had things like this where I live but there's never anything at all! Those fur coats are amazing and I love the little teacup you bought

  2. Looks like such a fun day, great purchases chick

  3. the cup and saucer is so lovely, love all your buys. I would love to go to something like this, think there is one up Bristol monthly. Must go! x

  4. Lovely pictures, looks like a really nice fair! Where I live we have no nice shops, I always have to drive in order to go shopping.

  5. One of my colleagues lives in Horsham, I had no idea it was so cute!! She always describes it as really pretty and countryish. I love your blue jumpsuit!

  6. Oh wow! Looks amazing!

    Emma x

  7. Really beautiful purchases and the fair looks gorgeous, very jealous Im too far away! Ps if looks lovely where you live xxx

  8. Oh god I'm so jealous. I love a bit of vintage! xo

  9. This looks like such a good day out. I need to look for vintage fairs around me really!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  10. I love vintage fairs, they're always so cute and full of clutter. I love the candle holder you bought! xxx

  11. I love this post. I love anything vintage and this post just makes me love it even more :)


  12. These photos look quite vintage themselves! ;) Your blog is really adorable, I'm a new follower!

    If you're interested, follow me back!

  13. Hello all I'm Kelly who runs Belle's Events. I am always on the look out for new places to take the V&R fair. Where are you all? X

  14. Looks like an amazing vintage fair, sometimes they're not all that good.

    But good bargains too!

    Hmm maybe...

  15. this looks so cute, I'd love to go to a vintage fair but there are never any decent ones around! x

  16. This fair looks amazing! I want to go to one so bad!

  17. Love the jumpsuit dude, good work.
    Not sure I'd have been able to resist the suitcases though! Looks like a cracking little fair.
    M x Life Outside London

  18. Wow, this fair looks amazing! Love your purchases, especially that jumpsuit!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie


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