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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#OOTD: A Deeper Shade Of Green.

// Patterned Green 3/4 Sleeve Sweater: Topshop // MOM Jeans: Topshop // 
// Gold Chain Necklace: Topshop // Belt: Primark //
// Handbag: Vintage // Moccasins: Primark //  

I happened to be in Guildford at the boyfriend's this weekend and we happened to take a little trip to town where I may have stumbled and basically fell in love with everything I saw in Topshop.
If I could have bought and taken it all home with me, believe me I would have.
I've already eyed up about three hats in there I'm determined to buy, somehow!

Of course I couldn't leave without a little bag full; that's why I'm now the proud owner of some MOM jeans, I swear you have to try lots of pairs on because they all seem to fit me differently and apparently I'm now a completely new trouser size this time round - and that's a good change YAY! 

& I couldn't resist this beautiful little top, 
the colours scream that vintage quirky vibe I love, it was too cute to avoid. 
It makes me think of Christmas trees! 

I may as well just give in and start dressing myself up like a Christmas decoration now, 
it's obviously acceptable this early on in November as the TV breaks only seem's to consist of about 3 ten minute soppy adverts!
So yeah if you're going to throw all that at me I'm going to throw it all right back at you! 

Merry November!


  1. I love those jeans on you! lovely post :) // alex

    x x

  2. That top is gorgeous! I love its colours. And those MOM jeans suit you very well. Oh, and I also love the shoes!
    Merry November :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  3. Love the MOM jeans.

  4. I luurve your outfit. Those jeans look fab on you! xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  5. Those jeans are AMAZING! You look great!

  6. those jeans are just fantastic! Super duper look! xx

  7. Replies
    1. I know it was a really last minute find, I'd already bought stuff and had another rummage around the shop and spotted this beauty. So glad I found it :) xxx


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