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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

#Instagram Roundup: Birthday Weekend

// Birthday Cards // A family birthday breakfast (me and dad share the same birthday!) // 
// Present Haul // Missguided Chelsea Boots & Spiked Fedora Hat // 
// Alexa Chung: IT // Lady Gaga: Fame Perfume //
// Topshop Scarf & Topshop voucher from Alex's Mum // Due an upgrade on my birthday weekend - iPhone 5C in yellow! // 
// Missguided Boots & Hat, Brag Vintage Levi's // Diana Mini Evelyn Lomography Camera // 
// Some clothes I bought on the birthday weekend // Tried Macaroons for the first time // 
// Missguided Smocks // Bags packed and travelling somewhere for a surprise weekend // 
// Byron Burger meal on Friday night // Bottle of Proscecco // 
// Treated to stay in 5 star Hotel Verta // Alex arranged room to be decorated with rose petals // 
// TV in the bath - amazing!! // Prosecco on arrival in room :)! // 
 // The Hotel full-english breakfast every morning // Birthday meal at Grill on the Market // 
// Amazing Sirloin Steaks! // An awkward cappucino during Sunday Shopping // 

What a lovely birthday weekend, I was spoilt rotten. 



  1. It looks like you were well and truly spoilt! Hope you had a great time :) <3

  2. Great selection of pictures!! It seems that you enjoy it a lot!


  3. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had the BEST weekend! The thing I'd be most excited about is that tv in the bathroom!!!! I am easily pleased! xxx

  4. Those boots, that hat! Loveeeee x

  5. Wow, it seems like you've had the perfect birthday and that you were surrounded by the most wonderful people to celebrate it with! And it looks like the surprise weekend was amazing. Your boyfriend treated you like a princess :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  6. Lucky you. Looks like you had a fabulous time :)
    Karen x

  7. I have the alexa chung's book too! I love it! :) Xx

  8. Wow, how lovely is your boyfriend! Lucky you!

    Hmm maybe...


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