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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sneak Peek: What's In My Bag?

// Tan Bag: New Look via ASOS //

I know we all love a good nose and I've been meaning to do one of these for a while now.. 
so here is your free access into the wonderful world of: MY BAG! 

// Tangle Teaser // Vera Wang Princess Perfume // Charlie Pink Body Spray // Paperblanks 18 month diary planner // Paperchase Diary // Strawberry & Milkshake Handcream // iPhone 4 // Keys // Pug Makeup Bag // Large Topshop Purse // Specsavers Glasses // 

No wonder I always get bad shoulder pain! I always carry this much in my bag! 

// Superdrug Strawberries & Milkshake Handcream // Charlie Pink Body Spray // Vera Wang: Princess Perfume // 

This handcream smells so divine I literally feel like I could eat it and maybe it would taste just as good as it smells? It's superdrugs own make, I also have the amazing shower gel / bath creme which also smell heavenly! Definitely get your hands on one of these. Also my bag is not complete if it isn't carrying my Charlie Pink Body Spray, ever since a hormonal teenager I have worn this scent, it just smells amazing and I always get comments about it from strangers! HA. Vera Wang Princess - enough said, also smells fab. I seem to always wear the body spray and perfume combined making my own individual scent, maybe that's what the strangers like? 

// New Prescription Glasses: Specsavers // 
// Keys and Key-rings // 
// Keyring // 

My favourite key ring acquired from a theme park in Hong Kong! Random I know but yes they do have a theme park over there!

// Pug Makeup Bag // 

Serious pug love going on here, how cute are these little guys?! Such a handy size for carrying all my makeup essentials. 

// Kate Moss Lipstick: Shade 5 // Brown Eyebrow Pencil // Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara // Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream // 

Literally the only makeup I wear everyday... I told you I really wasn't much of a beauty lover! Call me boring, I have such a standard routine - need to break the habit! HELP!

 // Very little money // A Cafe Nero Loyalty Card where a free drink awaits me :)! // SPACE.NK. Apothecary £30 giftcard // Topshop Purse //

The lovely ladies at my previous work where I was interning gifted me with this lovely and very generous giftcard for SPACE N.K - I've been told its full of makeup and luxury skincare.. this is definitely my time to branch out - suggestions please on what I should buy?

I am obsessed with my diary management and time-keeping! I have to make a note of everything I'm doing and always make sure I have these on me at all times, its very important otherwise I easily forget everything I'm doing! I love this Paperblanks diary, the design instantly makes me think I'm in Lord of The Rings and I have some special secrets hidden inside (really not), it makes me feel like I own a very old antique, a classic design with a vintage finish, however I wish there was slightly more room for me to write my daily plans as the columns are very small and my hand writing is huge! However you can get their diaries in larger Grande size here which probably would have been the better option for me as I like to include a lot in my diary, but maybe not such a bag friendly size? However, the quality and finish of this diary is great and it's worth paying a little bit extra for a sturdy visual pleasing design! 

// Perscription Glasses: Specsavers // iPhone 4: O2 // 

And of course last but not least my baby! I don't know what I'd do without my phone, I'm also one of the very few (it seems?) that is loving iOS7, I think its ever so pretty. Exciting news - I'm due an upgrade so hoping to get my mitts on the iPhone 5C in either yellow or the coral pink!
Decisions, does anyone own the the 5C yet? What's it like? 
I want to stick with the iPhone definitely - but I very much can't afford the iPhone 5S.

Hope you enjoyed this post and having a peek around into my bag.



  1. The pug makeup bag is so cute.
    Karen x

  2. It's all so cute, I especially love the notebooks! :)

  3. Hello, I've just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, x

  4. ahh I have that make-up bag from next
    I have 4 pugs and 2 French bulldogs (crazy dog woman)
    love the look of that planner too! x

    1. I'm so jealous of you! French bulldogs are my utter favourite, must be a mad house! Would love to see some pics :) xo

  5. Ooh, I love your pug makeup bag, it's so adorable! And your paperchase diary is very very cute.
    Great post!

    Sofie x

  6. Love this post! Suggest maybe getting something from NARS with your voucher, great blog!

  7. it looks like you have a really organized bag! Mine is just a mess with absolutely useless stuff in it! Great post xxx

  8. just found your blog and it's so pretty i love it! following you already so i'd love it if you checked mine out! and your pug makeup bag is so cute!!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  9. Haha, for some reason I always love these posts. I think you're right, everyone is just nosy at heart :)

    I'm surprised you managed to carry a perfume with you. I'm always worried it will break in my bag!

  10. Love your planner, and your glasses are amazing.. I could never pull these off, haha :) Great post, I always love reading those. Sneaky little me.

    xx from Mist's stuff

  11. bloody hell you do carry a lot i'm suprised your arm hasn't fallen off! Your makeup bag is so cute though haha :) And I love IOS7 too- it's what I expected an iphone to look like from the start to be honest! xxx

    1. I always carry this much, I know I'm crazy, no wonder I get shoulder ache lol.


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