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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#OOTD: A Chunky Knit & Vintage Levi's.

 // Red Knitted Jumper: H&M // Spiked Necklace: Missguided // 
// Vintage Levi Jeans: Brag Vintage (*) // Open Buckle Shoes: Primark // 
// Belt: New Look // Casio Watch: The Watch Hut (*) // 

I finally caved and decided to try a pair of high-waisted MOM style jeans. 
A couple of times now I've tried the Topshop MOM jeans and I end up standing there for ages analyzing my body, trying to convince myself they suit me when really I'm obviously not that convinced otherwise I would have bought a pair straight away - that's always how I roll! 
Anyway, I decided to take the plunge, 
I already own lots of pairs of vintage re-worked Levi's shorts which have always fitted me great. So when I saw Brag Vintage had a great selection of vintage style Levi's with measurements of leg and waist I thought why not, I already know my measurements from previous successful fits, so surely once and for all I will find my perfect fit? 

I'm still dubious as to how I wear these because if I wear them slightly in the wrong place they can make my thighs look massive.. (HATE having such an out of proportion body shape!)
However I paired them with my new bold red chunky knit from H&M and when I posted a pic on Instagram it went down a storm which made myself feel better about how I looked in them! 
Yes, I know its rather sad I need the opinions of others to convince me that they look ok. 
I really love the whole casual comfy oversized look, and this outfit just screams comfort to me.

I'm actually really pleased with these jeans and they have restored my hope in MOM-style jeans..
I'm now really adamant to once again go and try out a Topshop pair and take my own belt with me to justify once and for all whether they do not suit me - I really cannot let this go! I've seen far too many people showing off how good they look in them and frankly I'm quite jealous! 

Thought I'd include my new arm candy as well, my new Casio watch from The Watch Hut
With such a classic sleek design, a sliver strap and burgundy watch face, not forgetting a water resistant front - who couldn't be in love! A bargain price too! 

Do you struggle to find jeans that suit your body shape? Own any MOM style jeans?
I'd love to hear if anybody shares the same dilemma's! 



  1. I can never tell if Mom jeans will actually suit me or if I love them so much I will persuade myself that I look good in them because I love them haha.

    alex // x

    1. This sounds exactly like me!! Maybe that's what has happened here.. I will not let myself believe I cant suit them haha xx

  2. Such a great look! I love the vivid colour of that jumper!

  3. I have a crush... a crush on that amazing jumper! The colour is immense, mom jeans look amazing on you xx

    1. Aww thank you so much, I know this jumper was such a bargain and I'm so glad it fell into my hands xx

  4. gorgeous!! love the simplicity of your look!!

  5. No way are those shoes from Primark?!!?!? I N E E D a trip there in the next couple of days!! Btw you look fab, you suit red so much!

    1. Thanks Amy!! I know, I first saw them on Christina (kimiandme) thank god I did, they are so lush! xx

  6. I loveeeee these shoes!! I can't believe they are from Primark! x

  7. lush outfit :)

  8. Ooo, I really really like this outfit! I love comfy cosy jumpers like this one, really like the colour of yours! This outfit reminds me a lot of the sixties-seventies, a time that I so much adore for its style!
    I must say, the trousers look gorgeous on you! Nothing to feel insecure about, seriously!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. Thanks Sof, I think I'm getting used to them now :) 60's-70's was such a great era! xx


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