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Monday, October 14, 2013

#OOTD: Tartan & Denim.

// Tartan Crop Polo Neck: Primark // Denim Pinafore Dress: Topshop // Brown Camel Wedge Lace Up Boots: Modatoi (similar here) // 

This is my go to autumn outfit at the moment!
 I fell in love with this tartan polo neck crop top as soon as I saw it and what's more its perfect to wear with pinafore dresses and dungarees making them accessible items even for the winter! Its such a lovely deep red colour and for a mere £4, I must admit the quality is fab! 

I love my denim Topshop dress as it fits the bill perfectly for my layering obsession, the amount of tops I can wear underneath is endless... which is a great wardrobe refresh as I could easily wear this dress everyday of the week styled up slightly differently. Obviously I'm sure that would bore you eventually so don't worry I'm not going to be doing that! 

These wedge boots are a lovely item I received from my boyfriend at Christmas a couple of years ago.. from this lovely French Boutique Shoe Website called Modatoi. Me and my friend Amelia used to be obsessed with looking at this website when we were at uni lusting over lots of shoes! I must admit they have only made an appearance recently as I completely forgot I had them - sorry Alex! (if your reading this at all) I feel the need to apologise as I have just rekindled my love for these beautiful boots and am now acknowledging their true potential.. they really are the perfect boot for the autumn season with a slight wedge heel making them perfect for both day and night wear... oh and trust me I will not let them be pushed to the back of the shoe cupboard again :)

Now desperate to get my hands on some more denim pinafore dresses!!!

Anywhere you would you recommend? Cheap & affordable? 


  1. no way is that tartan from primark! LOVE IT! It looks gorge with your pinnie dress too :) might i add that your back garden is delightfully tidy and perfect! haha!

    Rosie xo

  2. the dress is so pretty
    now following :)

  3. Such a lovely outfit! Love the polo neck, I need to visit Primark soon :)
    xx Ursula from Curves and crosses

  4. I love this polo neck! Wish I'd seen it in my local primark :)

  5. Primark always has some great finds!! loving the tartan top and those boots!!

  6. Can't beat a denim pinafore! My eBay one turned up its very big but going to wear huge jumpers underneath haha but yes I want more too! Fringe looks do fab lovely x

  7. You look lush :) the colours are so gorgeous

    Ruth xx


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