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Friday, October 04, 2013

#OOTD: FRINGE is back!

 // Glasses: eBay (here) // White Slouchy T-shirt: H&M // Mint Green Jumper: H&M // Pocket Watch Necklace: eBay (similar here) // Monochrome Leggings: Topshop // Chelsea Boots: Primark // 

So finally after much debate I have GOT MY FRINGE BACK!
I was pondering over the decision back in summer and ended up deciding it wouldn't be such a good idea during those hot months.. (thankgod I made that decision!).
However now its getting cold I need some extra protection for my little forehead so it doesn't get cold in the winter! It's always a necessity to get my fringe back in time for winter... 
Please excuse the mess of it, I only had it cut this morning so its all still looking very flyaway and shabby, I've still got hair falling out all over the place, don't you hate that when you go to the hairdressers? However, I must say you can't fault a messy bun.
You've probably noticed by now this is a quick and easy favourite of mine, whether it be lopsided or way too vertical on top of my head I really don't care. 

Anyway on to the outfit,
Slouchy jumpers (lovelovelove!)
When I saw this mint green jumper I fell in love, I love wearing jumpers off the shoulder and paired with these leggings its a perfect outfit for the change in season. The leggings are thick and stretchy! It's great because they have a zip up the side so I can just pop myself in and then feel all snug. 

Also I've put the link to these eBay glasses above if anyone is interested in getting some, for some reason the seller is now advertising them as £100? Crazy - I got these a few weeks back from the same seller for £5.99 so keep a look out because I think he keep changing the price when stocks are low (naughty)! Such lovely glasses though with speedy delivery! Well worth it if you can nab them for the bargain price! 

A rather quick one from me I just wanted to share my new fringe and what I wore today!
What are you favourite clothing items to wear at the moment?


  1. Hey I love that jumper it's such a gorgeous colour! I love the fringe too!

    Courtney x

  2. I love this look, you look SO cute xx

  3. LOVE this outfit :) may have to buy the jumper does it come in other colours?

    Meimei xx

    1. Hello :) I actually got this jumper quite a while ago now so I'm not sure if its still even in store as they have such a quick turnover in stock. May be though! They had quite alot of other colours a few other pastel ones and that xx

  4. The fringe looks great! Such a comfy outfit, always Lv the colour of this jumper! X

  5. that jumper is so lovely. a good slouchy jumper is just the best xx

  6. Definitely keep the fringe- I wish I could suit it! The leggings look super comfy and I love your glasses. xxx

  7. This look is so cute&cosy

  8. Really love the colour of that jumper <3
    Georgina Does xxx

  9. Love the fringe and that jumper! Looks great on you!
    xo, Connie

  10. I love your fringe! In summer I was also doubting on getting one myself but unfortunately I couldn't wait. It wasn't my best decision, cutting a fringe during those hot months, haha.

    Sofie x

  11. This outfit looks SO comfy and cosy - perfect for chilly autumn days! Love the fringe too, you really suit it :) xx

  12. So cute!! Love the look!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know,
    Hugs :)

  13. You look so pretty, the fringe really suits you, good choice! :)
    Love your outfit!

  14. Those leggings are insaanely cool!! I'm definitely looking out for them next time I'm in Topshop, you style them so well! Love your blog! xxx

  15. Love the jumper! Slouchy jumpers are a must for this weather! x

  16. Your glasses are perfect on you, they look amazing. They look so good with your bangs.

    Emma x

  17. Just found your blog! Loveeee the outfit :) Great blog too, now following you :) xx


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