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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

#OOTD: Adventure.

// White shirt: Internationale // Adventure Sweatshirt: TwentySixPeople (*) // Acid Wash Skinny Jeans: Topshop // Moustache Flats: Missguided // Collar Tips: Ever Ours // Ankle Strap Heels: Primark //

As you may have seen I have previously styled an item from TwentySixPeople, they are a great new brand with a fab hard-working team behind the scenes! I've styled this Ariana Adventure Sweatshirt from a couple of different angles and even managed a change of footwear mid-styling. As you can see this sweatshirt is very versatile, with its simple yet eye-catching design and relaxed fit I have chosen to layer it over a white blouse where I have attached my bargain collar pins from Ever Ours to give a bit more detailing to the outfit. I also wore my trusty acid wash leigh jeans with my insanely cute Missguided moustache pumps! 
I've decided to style it quite casually with jeans, which I'm glad I did as the weather this day was really windy and cold (brrr) and I was thankful for my layering and the snugness of this warm jumper. 

I chose this classic monochrome design because I thought the 'Adventure' design was really sleek. I like to think of myself as quite the adventurer, so I thought this was quite fitting, especially in the next couple of months I've got quite a few travel trips planned which I'm super duper excited for. Speaking of which -  My Paris Eurostar and Accommodation tickets came through the post today for the competition I won with Superbreak, me and the boyfriend have decided to go on the 14th December weekend as it is our 4 year anniversary so I thought for a change it was my time to spoil us both! I'm so excited to visit Paris at Christmas and Superbreak have also kindly thrown in a sightseeing river cruise!

Anyway back to the outfit, I went for a Medium size as I always state that I do prefer a slightly over-sized style, I think generally its better to step up a size as its the most ideal fit if your wanting to layer. Its really snug and fluffy on the inside and 80% cotton which is always nice! This sweatshirt is priced at £26 which honestly I think is slightly overpriced. I've always been a massive bargain hunter and generally am quite fuzzy about how much I spend on specific clothing items, however I do value the fact they are a business who takes pride in sourcing and using only ethical products so naturally you are going to pay a little more. 

I've had quite a lot of love expressed recently for this sweatshirt when I posted a sneak preview of this outfit post on my InstagramI've noticed there seems to be a style trend at the moment for mixing casual and glam, for example, I loved Kavita's from SheWearsFashion styling at LFW with her last minute look (weather influenced) of her styling up her Kenzo sweatshirt with some chic perspex heels which you can see here. Her style very much inspired me on how to style my Adventure Sweatshirt, as you can see in the last photo I tried adding my favourite heels to jazz up my own casual look. 
However, I've got a VERY long way to go before I can start pulling off looks quite like Kavita!! 

What do you think about mixing casual with glam? How would you style up this sweatshirt? 


  1. Those heels on the last picture are really catchy :) love this outfit! :)

  2. That sweatshirt is the one! I love it and it looks fab on you! x

  3. I absolutely adore your style! Literally like every post. Its just so effortless and casual but really stylish.


    1. Aww thank you so much, that really means a lot! :) xxx

  4. Looks great ,love the Shoes!
    follow new ,mind follow back?

    big Hugs <3

  5. Your sweater is so fun! I absolutely love it!

  6. Love the sweatshirt and how you've styled it!

  7. I really love that sweatshirt and the way you styled it with that collared white shirt. I already said this, but I really like your fringe!
    Ooh, your weekend in Paris is approaching ... sounds very exciting!

    Sofie x

  8. Love the sweatshirt! I will definitely be checking that site out very soon. And have an amazing time in Paris its one of my favourite places in the wholeeeee world x

  9. This outfit is so cute! I love your blog! You have incredible style! :)

  10. Gorgeous outfit! I really like the sweater and the shoes!
    xx Ursula

  11. Love how you styled this, it's such a cool sweater :)

  12. That sweatshirt is amazing, I know what you mean about loving the 'dressed up casual' style.

    // xx

  13. Really love that mix of casual and glam - I've been trying to incorporated in my wardrobe for a long time. I love this outfit the first picture is stunning!


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