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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Birthday Wishlist!

Birthday Wishlist

As you may know it is my birthday this October, with 16 days and counting now!

I've put together a little wishlist to share with you of what I've asked for on my 23rd birthday (I'm getting old!).
I was thinking about just asking for money but I still hold onto the love of a surprise element of birthday and not knowing what you are going to strike lucky with (Yes that's great news - I'm very much still a child at heart).

Lady Gaga - Fame Perfume;
 I smelt this the other day and have been really intrigued by the dark gothic bottle for a while now, wondering what smells lurks within, it's actually lovely and I much prefer it to Marc Jacobs - Honey, which I was originally going to ask for. 

Missguided Spiked Fedora Hat; 
I have been lusting over a new hat, especially this hat for a couple of months now. I included it in my Autumn Weekend Getaway outfit posts so I would love to be able to take this with me to Paris to wear with my oversized boyfriend coat and many a smock dresses! 

Alexa Chung - IT book; 
This doesn't need much explaining, I really want to get my hands on this book, it sounds very abstract which is definitely my style and anything with dreamy edgy pictures I WANT.

Missguided Rose Print Oversized Dress;
This is just so lovely, I'm even tempted to buy it myself because I can't even bring myself to wait another two weeks to see whether I receive this dress or not.. I'd love to pair this up with some chunky heeled chelsea boots (maybe some tights on a chillier day) and the fedora hat above. 

Missguided Leather Platform Chelsea Boots; 
I am really in love with just about any shoe that is carrying the chunky block heel design at the moment, what is it that is so desirable about this lego brick style finish? I think it looks great and I've recently just got my hands on the flat chelsea boot variety which I adore so now I just need some heeled ones to complete my collection. I keep umming and aaahing as to whether I should have asked for the contrast black and white pair; here as I am loving these, I just don't know whether they would be as easy to style up with outfits? Would definitely be a fabulous statement shoe!

Evelyn Diana Mini Lomography Camera; 
This item really excites me as I already know my mum has bought me this beauty for my birthday, its so beautiful and I can't wait to start snapping away. Also the pink Evelyn version is very chic.

Marc Jacobs Iphone5 Case; 
This is just adorable!! I am able to upgrade my phone this coming Tuesday, how exciting. Of course I am going to stick with the Iphone as I do believe once you've experienced it, there really is no going back to any other phone brand. This phone case would be the perfect accessory. Shame about the price tag! 

However I will be annoyed if you all go looking and make these items out of stock before I've received them, mwahahah 



  1. Good job going with the Diana Mini - it takes 35mm films so you can get it developed at the chemists or supermarket but the full sized one takes 120mm you need to get sent off (really expensive).
    The hidden costs of Lomography...
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  2. love the hat and boots! cute blog x

  3. I quite fancy that book, living the hat and dress too chick. Fingers crossed you get some :)

  4. Great wishlist! And happy Birthday in advance :D
    New follower!
    <3 xo

  5. Hey Bec, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! I've explained what it's all about on my latest blog post :) Hope you've had a great weekend! xx


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