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Thursday, September 05, 2013

What i do best: Playsuit Picking!

Recently I've been lusting over new Play-suit's to add into my wardrobe. 
I know your probably thinking I'm a bit late off the mark as summer is supposedly coming to a close and the season's are changing but I really don't think you can wrong with a play- suit, you can always dress up with some tights or leggings for the colder days and pair up with a cute knit making them an even more must have item. I tend to always buy play-suit's throughout the year because if I'm not wearing it in the day I'm most definitely wearing it on my night out - but maybe this is just me?

I swear it always seems like I'm constantly shopping or looking for new clothes and am never satisfied with my current attire.. 
and for some reason I seem to never have enough play-suit's... I have picked out a couple from the New Look website which I love and all retail for under £20 - they are all such good value! 

this is my favourite (shame its not in stock!!)

You can find them here with a range of other Chic Play-suit's Perfect for a Day Out - Personally I have picked some of my favorites, I'm a massive lover of floral prints. With such a range of designs (and prices) its definitely worth taking a look as there's a-lot Online exclusives - which you definitely can't get your mits on in-store. 

Which is your favourite? Any special spots online? 


  1. I love the floral pinafore too! I think you can still wear playsuits, when it's colder (why not!?) just wear tights and lots of layers Lol. I have seen a lovely lace one in Topshop that would be perfect for a night out. isn't it our birthday soon? XX

  2. Ahh! I love playsuits! There's something about them that's so versatile! Love your choices (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  3. Love the pinafore one!

  4. The orange palm print one is my fave! I love playsuits but I'm not too confident with my arms and can never seem to find one with any form of sleeves grr! x

    The Little Things

  5. I love your choices and I agree, playsuits can be worn all year round! New Look have some great bargains :) x

    Oh So Bridie

  6. I really want a playsuit for ages, but I haven't found one that I like. These ones are all so beautiful (I like floral prints too), never thought of checking New Look actually (how stupid of me!) So thank you for the tip :)

    Sofie x

  7. I really like the blue floral one! I think I nearly bought something else in the same material from new look, its just so cute!

    Lovely blog, now following you <3

  8. I can't believe that pink bow print playsuit is only £8 - it's amazing! xx

  9. Playsuits are the perfect go-to item, I love how you can just throw them on and style them up in different ways. The palm tree one is so cute! xx

  10. Cute choices, I love play suits but can never find one long enough for my body :(


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