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#OOTD: Colour Clash

// Fur Gillet: Vintage // Mustard Top: Urban Outfitters // Blue Skinny Jeans: New Look // Open Buckle Shoes: Primark // Arm Cuff: Missguided // Glasses: eBay // 

A bit of a colour clash outfit but thought it was an appropriate time for me to get out the fur gillet! I love the dark burgundy colour and it's ever so snug. Can't remember where I acquired this from I just know  it was a vintage shop in Liverpool. 
I really like the mix of colour and texture in this outfit, dark red and mustard yellow I feel really are perfect for the autumn season.
The shoes I can't stop wearing! Also my glasses I am so happy with... I found these beauties on eBay... for a mere £5.99 which now the seller appears to be selling for £100.. WHAT?
To be honest the quality is really good, a lot better than I was expecting and they are very sturdy, stylish in  design with slight flicks at each corner. I love the oversized design!! Its great I could get my hands on these because they do have a slight prescription on them so I can see better with them on rather than with no glasses at all. When I get the money I'd love to be able to afford a prescription pair myself like Karen Millen!

What are your favourite colours to wear this autumn?


  1. Ooh I love the fluffy body warmer. That's my favourite autumn colour as well :D

  2. Love this outfit! I can't wait to get those shoes, I've been needing them for ages!! Love your glasses too :)

  3. Love this outfit, especially the shoes! Really love your blog!

  4. thanks for the primark shoe mention in the last post,we love these shoes too much! aw the gilet is gorgeous, i thought these jeans were topshop! glasses look *FAB* x

  5. I love your shoes! My favourite colours to wear are mustard yellow, forest green and nude!

  6. I love colour clashing! The mustard colour goes very well with the dark burgundy gillet (which is awesome by the way!). Those Primark shoes are super pretty. Great outfit! I love burgundy, dark green and dark blue for autumn.

    Sofie x

  7. Hi Bec, great outfit!:)
    My favourite colours to wear this autumn are plumy purple and burgundy.

  8. oooh, I love those shoes!

  9. I love your gillet.
    Karen x

  10. Love this ensemble it looks great and yellow suits you :)

  11. I love the outfit ! The shoes are amazing,


  12. Live you gilet chick, great colour!

  13. Oooh perfect fall outfit love love love!! xx

  14. I love the furwest! (I write my blog in english and danish)

  15. Love the shoes! Primarks A/W range looks so good this year! x

  16. I adore this whole outfit! Those shoes are gorgeous and the yellow and the pinkish gillet look absolutely divine together! You look beautiful <3


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