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Friday, September 20, 2013

#OOTD: Autumnal

//  Black Jumper Dress: H&M // Boots: New Look // Tan Satchel c/o SatchelsandShoes // Faux Fur Collar: Dorothy Perkins // 

It's about time I brought this delightful faux fur collar back out of the closet! When I saw the sun shining today I couldn't resist getting straight outside to shoot some outfit posts. (Sad I know). The lighting has been really frustrating recently and I haven't been able to produce many shots I've been happy to upload to the blog. Once again I'm sorry for the excessive pictures I just couldn't resist as my garden looked even more fresh and pristine in the sparkling autumn sun! 
This is a pretty plain and casual outfit, however, I was having a good clear out of the old wardrobe the other day and right at the back of my wardrobe I found this Jumper Dress, it's actually rather old now but I can't explain how happy I was to have found it, I've been searching for ages amongst the depths of my clothing stash! And its perfect for the current season as its so snug and comfy and is really great to just wack on when I'm having one of those body hang up days.. believe me it is a dress, I have just looked back and realised it looks like I'm just wearing a jumper naked with tights and trying to pull it off as a dress but it does come down longer. I love the styling too as its pretty loose so can be worn off the shoulder. Paired with the faux fur collar it works fab, and I love having something soft round my neck I can nuzzle into when its a bit nippy.

This beautiful tan Satchel was gifted to me from the lovely people at SatchelsandShoes, I've never actually owned a Satchel before so I'm very pleased I've now got one to add to my bag collection. I love the colour, its a great piece for A/W as I know brown is going to feature heavily in my wardrobe. Its nice and lightweight too with a decent shoulder strap, I've chosen to just wear and hang off my shoulder but it can also be worn as a 'cross-over' bag over your body. I know there's a lot of satchels about on the market at the moment however I was really impressed with how much of a bargain this one was! Its currently in the sale here @ only £15.95 with variance's in colour too. They also stock branded satchels like Anna Smith and DCUK! 

Anyway I'm off to try my hand at baking some Smartie Cookies! 
Wish me luck :)


  1. So cute, loving the fur collar! I need one this winter

  2. I love your coat, it's gorgeous!! I also am looking for a decent pair of boots and the one's your wearing are lovely, you wear them so well. Also, I like the bright satchel, it makes you look fantastic
    Much Love

    1. Thanks! I'm not even wearing a coat though its just a jumper/dress with a separate collar :) the boots are from Primark, you should have a look in there xx

  3. That fur collar is beautiful!! You look amazing


  4. Amazing outfit! I love your bag ^v^ xx

  5. I love this fur collar, makes your outfit look really posh haha :) Really like the bag to and only £15 what a bargain!?

  6. Cool outfit, really love your jumper dress and and collar


  7. You look stunning! I love autumn for the outfits you can create with it!

  8. Lovely bag, can't beat a satchel! I really need a faux fur scarf! Looks fab x

  9. This outfit is so nice! Definitely need a fur collar in my life!

  10. I love your boots! Beautiful pictures, your garden looks really beautiful in the autumn sun :) Good luck with the cookies!

    Sofie x

  11. such cute photos! your hair looks amazing, and i love the fur collar and bag xx
    The Frill Seeker

  12. loveee your satchel! x

  13. Love all the colours in this outfit - very autumnal indeed! Can't wait to pull my faux fur collar out from hibernation too, they're so bloody easy to wear

  14. You look lovely! This is a beautiful autumn outfit, and the satchel is gorgeous! I also love the glare coming through on your photos x

  15. Perfect coat for A/W cozy and gorgeous!! xx


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