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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tunes of my summer.

1. Bastille - Of the night 
First song of theirs I heard and its a cover - best cover I've heard in a while! Seriously love the dark edge to this song. You may have heard this track being featured on the last Made in Chelsea series. Such a great song to turn up loud and dance around to in your bedroom. Really quite dreamy!

2. Everything Everything - Final Form 
(the whole first album is amazing!)
Since I saw them a couple of years ago at a NME Radar tour at the Portsmouth Wedgewood rooms I was in love! I'm so glad i got the chance to see them in such a tiny venue where i could happily stand right at the front. They are so original and I really don't think there is anything out there on the music scene like them at the moment ... 

3. Local Natives - Camera Talk 
(the whole first album is amazing) 
I find these guys quite mesmerizing. Having seen them 3 times now - I can't get enough of this band! They all look Mexican and have funky tashes. Their music is so mellow, another band I discovered years ago way before they were on the mainstream radar... definitely worth a listen! New album is a treat too - can never fault the first album though, all the best tunes hiding in here.

4. The National - Fireproof 
Such daydreamer songs! I literally find myself in my own secluded thought bubble when listening to this band. Actually quite sad and emotional songs. I love the song they play at the end of the film 'Warrior'. I'm such a sucker for all that type of thought provoking music though - his voice is so gruff too!

5. Django Django - Firewater 
(also love - default / waveforms ) 
I had such a ball when I saw these guys live at Field Day Festival in Victoria Park, London a few years back. The music is so fun and again quite edgy. Best played - LOUD. Worth checking out the whole of this album as all the songs are fab. I just picked this one out because it was definitely the one I had on repeat the most after the classic -Default of course!


  1. Oh I love this post. I've been obsessed with Bastille this summer! xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  2. You have such a great music taste! I love Local Natives!

    Emma x

  3. I love Bastille and the national!


  4. love bastille so much, their song no angels is literally my favourite song ever. love local natives and everything everything too xx

  5. I really like everything everything! going to have spend an hour or two checking these links on youtube tomorrow. x


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