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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wish & Want..

Wish & Want

Wish & Want by rebeccajane123

'Granger Reader' Specs @ UrbanOutfitters - here (£8.95) 
I've been wanting a pair of these for a while now, especially the tortoise shell style! These are so cheap as well on urban outfitters, however, i do actually need glasses so i imagine it would be better for me to invest into a pair with a prescription! Definitely wouldn't score a pair at that price though!

Mint Green Bag @ ModCloth - here (£42)
I have been lusting over a green bag for ages now & i still cant seem to find the perfect one. I am very fussy! I came across a almost beautiful one in Aldo when i was shopping in Liverpool however it had a really short thick strap that just didn't work. However, i love this one here from 'Modcloth' as its got a casual arm strap for a more casual hold or a over the shoulder strap, its always a bonus when a bag has both!! 

High Waisted Bikini in Daisy Print @ Motel - here (£35)
Ever since the high waisted bikini's came into fashion, i was in love! They are definitely the perfect style for my body shape.. can you believe I still haven't managed to buy myself one yet though! This is most definitely due to me not having a summer holiday booked this year (boohoo). However, you may have heard the awesome news i announced on twitter recently.. my dad has just gone and purchased a hot-tub.. yes a freeking HOT-TUB!! As you can imagine, i'm bloody excited to get in & try it out.. plus now maybe this provides me with a good excuse for needing a new bikini to showcase in the new addition to our garden! eeeeee! I just love this one from Motel, such a good price as well. Should i just go for it? 

Marc Jacobs 'Honey' Eau du Parfum @ JohnLewis- here (£50)
I'm definitely in need of a new perfume... i haven't even smelled this scent but I already know i'm going to love it... anything that smells like Honey.. is a winner in my books! Going by the name.. i really would hope this perfume would express honey scents, correct me if i'm wrong? & the bottle is just gorgeous, its definitely worth me going to grab a tester of this one in the shops! Why oh why is perfume so expensive though..

Crepe Pull on Shorts @ Topshop - here (£50)

I absolutely love loose high-waisted shorts, these being topshop boutique are obviously going to be a bit on the pricier side of my shopping budget / really wouldn't be able to justify buying them. However, thats the whole point of a wishlist right..? Allowing yourself to dream & hoping your lovely boyfriend will stumble across your blog and take pity on you.. mwahah.

Converse All Star Low @ Office - here (£45)  
Converse! Seriously somebody tell me, why don't i own a pair? I'm definitely an awful blogger not having a pair for myself. I really like the simple white designs, I've seen quite a few walking around the blogosphere and they really are very stylish.. look great with skinny rolled up jeans too. Payday - hurry up! 


  1. LOVE the bag and bikini! So cute! Great picks doll xx


  2. That BAG is Wow!!!! xx

  3. The perfume, I'm with you there, I haven't smelt it but I want it too!

    J x

  4. Love the bag, it's gorgeous!!

  5. The perfume is absolutley gorgeous! And so is that bikini :)

  6. yes to the bikini, you have a hot tub!!! love all your picks. Honey is on mine too. I can see you rocking a green bag, I'm fussy when it comes to picking out a bag too :-)

  7. I would love to own a high-waisted bikini but I suppose that my tan would look kind of strange after a day in the sun :) So pretty though! Great items :)

  8. Love that bikini, so cute and will be flattering too.


    1. Yeah I ended up buying it, so good for hiding my hips! xo

  9. Oh my god I NEED to own that bag. That is gorgeous!!

  10. Loving those glassed! I wear glasses (contacts mostly) so i know how you feel but you can always replace the lenses?

    1. Yeah I didn't really think about that - good idea, i'll have to look into this xo

  11. Lovely wishlist :) I've wanted that bikini for quite awhile now and the handbag looks lush!


    1. I'm sorry to say but I've got the bikini now, hehe :) and i love it! you should definitely get it, especially worth it if you can use a discount code xo

  12. I love these glasses too. I wear specs, so I've been looking for a prescription pair that don't cost the earth. are pretty reasonable!

    1. Oh thanks!! I'll have to take a look at that site definitely :) xo


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