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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Style Icons // Olsen Twins

I saw one of my favourite bloggers Christina at Kimi and Me do a style inspo post and it really made me think I need to share my style love for the Olsen Twins. My god seriously, there are not only such beautiful sisters but pretty much faultless in anything they put together and their hair always looks so effortless and boho chic! 

I seriously do think i have a major crush - i don't think i'd be able to pick a preferred twin either because i think their style really goes hand in hand.

I love the way they team simple with classy, they accesorise with lots of big sunnies, large tote bags, big brimmed hats, messy buns & wavy tresses, distressed jeans and baggy jumpers. I'm absolutely loving this boho shabby chic look at the moment and i think these sisters pull it off so well! 

Anyway, enough verbal bumming these two! Here's some lovely pictures instead for you to oggle over... Don't you wish you were rich? 


  1. Ahh i love their style, such icons! xo

  2. I adore the Olsen twins! My sister and I loved watching their TV shows and movies growing up. They really are so effortlessly stylish.
    Abi x

  3. This is mental.. I was literally going to write a blog post about these girls too. You've done a far better job! Love these girls.. They're just too pretty.



  4. Stunning photographs of them, if only I had their clothes and hair and face... hehe! they are def style icons!x

  5. Ugh, these girls can do no wrong. Love love love their style


  6. Love them, I grew up with their films and now it's kind of overwheling to me how they grew up to be fashion icons. Love your post!!


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