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Sunday, August 11, 2013

#OOTD: Liquorice Allsorts.

Jeans - Topshop // Blouse - (*)Missi Clothing // Hat - Missguided // Bag = New Look @ ASOS // Belt - Primark // Cowboy Boots(*)Barratts //

Recently i was lucky enough to be asked by Missi Clothing if i'd like to review some clothing from their website! Of course i threw my hands up in excitement and said yes..! I'm still very new to the reviewing side of blogging so was really flattered I've been asked to review some bits! 
It's great because they are actually a British Manufacturer and Wholesaler who supply to the high street, independent stores and boutiques around the globe. 
It's always nice to find a brand where the items are locally produced!

I received this lovely stripey chiffon blouse - I've had my eyes on one of these types ever since the black and white trend came about earlier in the year.
The material is really soft and i got the M/L size as i love wearing my items loose so i can tuck em into my favourite pair of leigh topshop jeans! Really like the bold stripes and the big front pocket with contrasting stripes - i do feel like a bit of a liquorice allsort dressed up in it :) 

I was also lucky enough to be sent these Western Style Cowboy Boots, you can find them here at Barratts and they are only £25 - really good value if you ask me - they are beautiful! So comfy and go really well with my topshop jeans, which i've actually rolled up even more! Next time i'd probably buy a size up though, i've realised too often i'm buying shoes a bit too squished. However my feet are a really awkward size.. i swear this a reoccurring problem with all of my body sizing and shaping.. ha! It's always quite hard to tell what shops will have wide fit shoes. 

This bag is also my new favourite - I've actually considered this week to be a rather lucky one as i managed to nab myself a £25 ASOS voucher in a twitter competition for sending a picture that summed up my day. I took advantage of the fact that my very clumsy boyfriend ended up breaking his elbow (awkward i know! - ouch!) on our recent weekend trip to Liverpool which obviously we weren't planning on happening! So i can actually say there was one good thing that came from his accident. HA! I'm so mean - thanks ASOS ;)! - I'm planning to do a couple of blog posts documenting our trip to Liverpool - luckily we managed to have a great time & make lots of great memories before the 'accident'! 

 This is actually a New Look bag, which really surprised me as its rather lovely & very affordable at £17.99, which was great as i even managed to have some left over to nab a dress as well :) 

If you're interested in Missi Clothing then you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@missiclothinguk).


  1. Love those cowboy boots! Perfect with jeans and dresses!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

  2. such a gorgeous look! the shirt looks fab,and great quality :-) i love your outfit posts, always so fun x

  3. I love that shirt! ^v^ fabulous outfit dear xx

  4. Looooove the shirt, looks great!

    Kathleen xxx


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