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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HOME: Everything under £25

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Small storage box, £20 / Cath Kidston cotton bath towel, £24 / Linea owl home decor, £18 / Orla Kiely mini tree, £20 / Blue home decor Vase £19 / Newgate Clocks glass clock, £20

Recently I've been dreaming about ideas for my new bedroom. Obviously it's all down to dreaming at the moment because I'm not sure when this is ever going to happen...
When I moved back into my Parents house after having a lovely year living with my handsome man, you can imagine it was all a bit of come-down period for me. 
I've always had a small bedroom with a single bed and never enough wardrobe space... and this means I generally tend to live in a clutter because I don't have enough space. However, upon moving back dad mentioned he had plans to move me into the spare room where I could have more space and my own double bed so when Alex stays round he can actually fit into my room! 
To be honest, it's all taken a bit of a back seat as more important things needed to be done like bathrooms and garden etc.. I can't complain - I've got a hot-tub now!! 
But still I am holding on to this idea... been looking at lush beds also.
A girl can dream hey?
Anyway - I always find myself browsing the internet and came across these lovely bits which are all under £25 each - yes you heard me right.
Aren't they gorgeous?
My favourite has to be the Owl, its utterly cute! I know its a doorstop but I would actually still put this as the centre piece on my bed - he would be the bedroom showstopper!
Got me thinking of little bits I could easily buy in preparation as soon as payday hits. 
Still need to decide on a colour theme for my bedroom - as you can see here none of these bits really match up on the colour co-ordination front. 
Hopefully sometime soon we can get this project underway and let the decoration process commence...
I'd love to do the whole painting my own bedroom - with those roller painter thingy's - they look so fun! 


  1. I can't believe they're all under £25!! Everything's so pretty I want it all! xx

  2. Hi Bec,
    Yes, the Owl is absolutely too cute! I also like the retro alarm clock and the storage boxes. And I also get really excited when I think of decorating my own house in the future.
    I just stumbled across your blog. You have a lovely sense of style which I like and the things you write about sound really interesting. I'm very happy that I found your little world within the blogosphere :) You've found yourself a new follower.

    Sofie x

    1. Aww thanks very much Sofie for the lovely comment. I'm glad you stumbled across my blog and i hope i can keep you coming back :)
      Going to check out your blog now :)

  3. Great post - love the suitcase storage :)

  4. The wooden storage boxes are adorable, I may have to get my hands on some, so cute! I love interior type posts like this, I too have been doing up my room and always looking for inspiration! Lovely blog:) xx

    1. Lovely! You should take some photos of your room while its being done up.. I'd love to see some? xo

  5. I'm wanting to decorate my room soon, and this gives me some great ideas! And everything is quite reasonably priced too, which is a bonus for me! :p xox

  6. so many cute items. i love anything cath kidston. the vintage looking storage is fab! I love looking at homeware on line, so many ideas, so little money though lol x

    1. Yeah i know even £25 at the moment sounds expensive to me - boohoo. Oh well we can always dream! xo

  7. Great post I love everything you picked, the owl is my favourite too
    Meghan xx (new follower)

  8. We have similar taste I want them all!!

  9. These are all so lovely, my fave is definitely the stacked suitcases though! ps. lovely blog, now following you - yay number 100! x

    The Little Things

  10. awesome picks! love the alarm clock x


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