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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dirty Martini Cocktail Bar: Summer Nights Review

So last week I was lucky enough to be invited down to the Dirty Martini Cocktail Bar in Hanover Square to review their Summer Nights evenings running throughout August every Thursday night. Of course, you can imagine I jumped at the chance when this opportunity was offered and the word cocktails were mentioned! 

I was allowed to bring a Guest and we were both entitled to two free cocktails each from the Summer Nights menu (generous) and a BBQ Platter Board to share! As you can imagine I was very excited.
I opted for the Hanover Square Bar as it was close to Oxford Street and the easier place to meet my sister in London. 

Slight problem was finding this hidden place!! We were booked in for 7.30pm and ended up arriving at the venue for 8 pm!! Eeeek as you can imagine I wasn't happy because I thought this is definitely going to reflect badly on me! Eventually after much google mapping and asking (not so helpful/knowledgeable) London shop staff we ended up finding the place.

As soon as we arrived our late arrival was acknowledged, I thought we weren't going to get let in as the bouncer on the door said they only hold tables for 15 minutes, I was slightly confused also when they said my name wasn't on a reservation. It was in fact under the name of the company who had asked me to do the review which was slightly embarrassing. 

Luckily a helpful Matt - the first person to know my name and who was actually anticipating my arrival (thank god) came outside and showed us to our table. Next time minor details such as directions from tube and booking details probably would have helped out this inconvenience! If you plan on going here for any reason - do make sure you know exactly where you're going beforehand. (I'm sure that's probably standard pre-planning - whoops!) 

As soon as we walked down some stairs - I thought wow this place is buzzing for this early on in the night and very DARK. There seemed to be some intense mood lighting enforced!! However, the bar was very quirky and we had a small table in the corner, a bit more out of the way (which was nice) next to an area that had obviously been hired out. On arrival we were greeted by various friendly staff who were all very attentive and keen to get us started on our first free cocktail! 

We both opted first for the 'Berry Martini' from the Summer Nights menu - which was recommended by one of the staff, its a really reasonable menu actually as all cocktails are £6 and there's about six to choose from.

When it arrived - you can imagine that was the start of my trigger happy snappy fingers! I was in picture mode and ready to go.  

As you can see we had various posey pictures with all our drinks! This drink was very yummy and sweet - can't actually say I've tried a Martini before so this was a refreshing change and the blueberry gave a nice kick!

Next, we were asked if we were ready for our BBQ Platter, hell yes was our answer! We were both starving after coming straight from work. The only slight problem we encountered was that the first board brought out to us had Prawn skewers on it which I had specifically asked before-hand not to have included as we both didn't eat fish. The problem was dealt with quickly and they were very apologetic and they confirmed it was a mistake on their part! Don't worry we're all human here! 

We were given extra Mini Burgers and extra Hot-Dogs in replacement for the Prawn Skewers which was great. The BBQ board normally consists of a selection of Mini Burgers, Mini Hot-Dogs, Vegetable & Pesto Skewers and Prawn Skewers. All the food was scrumptious,  my favourite being the mini-burgers!! These were delectable! However, I must say, I think the charge was quite steep as this is normally priced at £20 per board. 

Normally, I probably would have stretched to paying about £12 for something like this or possibly £15 I guess because you need to consider the location. But I suggest this place is better for a couple of cocktails with friends as the dark noisy environment probably isn't ideal for a meal out etc. 
But all in all the food was great and I was in awe of the presentation!! 

Its a shame they probably have to throw the little bottom bits away each time?

As you can see we were already in full swing sipping on cocktails and stuffing our faces with mini burgers. Our second free cocktail was erm.... I actually can't quite remember! (That's really bad) I did take a photo of the Summer Nights Cocktail Menu but it was so dark I can't really read it. All you need to know is - it was yummy!

I think I had a Pear one and my sister a Passionfruit which again were both refreshing and served as Long drinks which were a nice alternative :)

Now this is where things started to get a bit out of hand - we definitely went above and beyond the free cocktails. I and my sister are both lovers of Long Island Ice Teas - so after having a couple of cocktails, we thought why not try some of the most expensive ones from the main menu.

This Long Island Ice Tea was priced at £8.50 (i think) from the main menu which actually isn't bad I thought! It was amazing too - as you can see we ended up having another two.. so 4 Long Islands! Woops! I love the presentation of these drinks - the blend of colours came out great in the photos!

Who can blame us, though? I mean normally you can pay about £6-7 in slug and lettuce and receive a watered-down version of your fav cocktail which really isn't worth the money! So all the more reason for us to carry on drinking.

We then went on to MORE cocktails! Yes, you heard me right - more. I this time choose the Cosmo - which is indeed a favourite of mine! You cant go wrong with this classic, its so sweet and you get the zing from the orange - mind you by this point this could have easily been the drink talking!

All in all, it was a fabulous evening and thank you very much to Dirty Martini for having us!! If I came here again I probably wouldn't bother ordering food as it was slightly pricey and the atmosphere was definitely more suited to a night out on the town with the girls.

By all means, everything was lovely and next time I'd love to get the chance to bust some moves out on the dancefloor (I was informed there was an area further down past the bar for this). However, sadly we had been too engrossed in our eating and heavy consumption of cocktails to notice the time and had to run in order to catch the last train home! 

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post.

Would be a great place to visit if your ever in London in the near future and need a cool party spot for the evening!

Next time I'd like to try out the Covent Garden Bar! 


  1. Oh this looks lovely, will definitely have to suggest this to my friend next time I'm down :)

    MeganRoisinn xx

    1. You should!! Be nice to check out the Covent Garden one also - I wanna know what that one is like :) xo

  2. Haha oh my gooooooooodddddd those juicy- ass cocktails are making me dribble! Nice one Becca, some glam ladies here too! xx

    1. Thanks Lily!! I know the cocktails were to die for - think I had slightly too many also... xo

  3. I would love to go here for my birthday, if only it was closer! sounds like you were treated very well, i think i would feel out of place in this posh bar Lol Those cocktails look soooooo good. great review :-)

    1. Thanks hun :) Shame - maybe you could go when your down in London visiting your sisters ;) xo

  4. this place sounds absolutely fab, i wish i lived near london. pity you got lost before hand, i would have freaked haha.x

    1. Yeah - I was mainly freeking out because we were going to be late & i swear everyone living in London had no clue lol. Oh well found it in the end - panic over :) xo


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