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Friday, June 07, 2013

Liebster Award ~ Discovering New Blogs...

Right this is a little different to my normal posts, the lovely Jen from Bone + Owl nominated me for the Liebster Award, so i thought i'd give this a go. Thank you very much :)! 
Its a neat way to discover new blogs, especially those up and coming blogs as its for those who have less than 200 followers (me!!) and each nominee is to answer 11 questions set by the person that nominated you. This is the perfect type of post for me as i love babbling. 

The rules to follow; 

-  Each nominee should answer the 11 questions by the tagger. 
-  Choose 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to pass the award to and link them in your post. 
-  Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers. 
-  Go to their page and tell them about their nomination. 
-  No tag backs! 

So here are my answers to Bone + Owl's questions... 

1. Hair - curly or straight?
Definitely Curly hair, i actually cant stand my hair straight, its so boring and soon ends up going frizzy or sticking up in certain areas. My hair is naturally pretty wavy and very thick so i always have a massive head of hair. Ha.

2. Five must haves for the ideal road trip?
  • My extension lead so i can plug my iphone into my car radio and listen to my favourite itunes playlist. 
  • Snacks!! crisps and chocolate!
  • A pillow 
  • My iphone
  • Magazines 
3. Blog in the morning or at night?
I seem to do alot of blogging at night, literally while im in bed and end up staying up waaaaay too late! But right now im blogging and its the morning. 

4. Silver or Gold?
Gold, definitely. Love all the chunky gold jewellery around at the moment. 

5. Relax by the pool or spend the day on the beach?
Relax by the pool, its usually so much closer, as long as there are enough sun loungers. I went to this amazing hotel in Gran Canaria called the Lopesan Baboa, they had like 7 pools or something ridiculous and a lazy river pool so the best option was definitely to relax by the pool as there was always a spot and no one around due to there being so many pools!

6. Favorite trend for summer?
Loving the pinafore dresses and dungarees at the moment. I've got a denim pinafore dress from Topshop and also some smart black dunagrees. Really lusting over the light washed denim dunagrees though but im yet to find a pair im blown away by. 

7. Designer you're crushing on right now?
I reeeeally want a Micheal Kors watch, i like their handbags too. 

8. Least favorite thing about blogging?
Some of the harsh realities that come with such a growing powerful community, Companies that try to scam bloggers into free advertisements on their blogs with the blogger reaping no benefits! 

9. "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" Your reply?
I could not be without my food, i love it too much!! Obviously skinny feels amazing. But i'd always choose the option of eating what i want while incorporating regular exercising like 4 times a week. I believe you can still get the skinny bod without cutting out the yummy food, just gotta learn to snack in moderation, says the person on the other end of the screen typing while munching on two bags of crisps. HA.

10. I've always wanted to.. ?
own a puppy :(!

11. Current song, book, and movie favorites?
Since watching Charlie St. Cloud the other day, the soundtrack from the movie reunited me with a song i loveeeee. 

Song: Jack Penate - Pull my heart away 

Movie: I went to go see The Great Gatesby and loved it!!!

Book: The Hunger Games Trilogy - Sister lent them to me and still making my way through. Cant wait for the next film!! 

These are the lovely 11 blogs i am nominating;

Leah at Peaches and Smoke
Christy at Cosmetic Chaos
Christina at Kimi and me
Lauren at Lauren Emma Fashion & Beauty Blog
Jenny at Fashion From A Field
Kitty at Kitty Hearts
Melissa at Beauty and the Bargain
Charity at Silks Pocket Blog
Nicole at Ginger in Green
Gemma at Live, Love, Laugh

And here are my questions to you bloggers; 

What is your favourite fashion mag to read?
Favourite social networking site and why?
Your latest high street purchase?
How did you first start and get into blogging?
Plans for the summer?
Job status and position?
One makeup piece you couldn't live without?
Topshop or Zara?
Favourite thing about blogging?
What is the first song on your ipod / music playlist?
Do you prefer outfit posts inside or out and why?

Enjoy and let me know when you've done your post so i can read your answers :)!


  1. This made me so happy.. I loved reading your answers! You definitely answered some of them exactly how I would have! You have such a lovely blog :)

    - Jen

    1. Thanks very much Jen, thanks for nominating me in the first place :o xo

  2. Thank you so for my nomination :). I will let you know when my blog post is up.

    Leah x

    1. No worries! Your welcome, it was fun to write a post that was a little different :) xXx

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you!! Will do this soon :)))) so nice to be tagged Love your answers too x


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