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Monday, June 17, 2013

#OOTD: A Leopard Cant Change It's Spots...

Leopard Print Jumpsuit - H&M Sale £7.99
Faux Jeffery Campbell Lita Lookalikes - Ebay £19.99 - Buy here

hello all! 

Just another outfit post for you all. I know you all love them so much, to be honest, your probably getting bored of them and wishing i was doing some other kind of post, i just find these easiest at the moment but hoping to do a post soon on some decorative home items i've bought to style up my new bedroom. eeeeeeek, exciting. 
Is there any other types of posts you'd like to see me do?

Here i am showcasing a little outfit i put together earlier. I've had this jumpsuit for ages which was a very nice little steal from the H&M website a couple of summers ago, i can't believe how cheap it was! Surprised it still fits me, i guess that was a pleasant surprise for this morning that i am still the same size as i was about three years ago, YAY go me! :)

I absolutely love these shoes, they are ridiculously high, not actually that bad to walk in because they are very sturdy, i think it just takes so getting used to as  your so vertical when standing upright on your feet. I thought they were ever so cheap as well, im pretty sure i spotted them while browsing someone else's blog cause im usually not very good at finding all these fashionable cheap alternatives on Ebay. 

Personally i love the studs. On the other hand my parents HATE them, for some reason this just makes me like them even more?!? 
i was walking around in them this morning and dad wouldn't stop going on about how i could really injure someone in a fight... I don't know what he thinks i get up to when wearing heels (obviously things of a more violent nature.. hahahah) but thats just parents for ya, he couldn't understand the excess amount of studs, but then again i wouldn't expect him to understand. Bless!

I'd like to know what you think? Do you own a pair of Jeffery Campbell lookalikes? 
There's a hell of a lot of them out there & i'd love to see what else is on offer as im open to expanding on my collection :)


  1. I love your shoes! they are fab! I wore studs on backs on a shoe before crossed my legs and managed to skin my other foot LOL! Great look x


    1. Haha, oh god. The same thing will probably happen to me in these no doubt. Clumsy fool i am! xo

  2. looks great - I love the heels on the boots!
    Thats such a dad thing to say too - i love it!

    1. Haha thank you :)
      I know, they are so funny arent they. Gonna check out your bloggy xo

  3. I'd love a jumpsuit, they're never long enough for me though cause I'm tall. I live massive heels, everyone moans at me for wearing them because I'm tall anyway lol


    1. Your allowed to wear heels whatever your height! You'd probably benefit from the jumpsuits that arent like full length, maybe a 3/4 length one :) they are so comfy xo

  4. I am loving jumpsuits at the moment, they look so cute Can't believe this one was only £7.99 in the sale. Bargain! And you look fab - love the top knot and overall look.

    My latest post ** On the road again **

    1. Thanks hun, i know i'm really into jumpsuits again. Need to buy some more. I'll check out your new post :) xo

  5. Wow that jumpsuit is fab! I love the way you have put it with chunky boots too! Looking good! Xx

    1. Thanks very much hun, i love chunky boots! Need some more pairs xo

  6. Love love love this outfit, the jumpsuit looks amazing on you! I'd really like to try one but haven't had the confidence to yet :P
    Love Holly x //


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