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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tapas & Cosmo's

So last night me and the boyfriend decided to go for Tapas. He has just ticked an exam off his checklist and only has one left, so we thought why not give ourselves both a night off as we've both been such busy bee's lately! It was such a light lovely evening (it was still light at 9pm!!) and i decided to throw on this little number consisting of some of my key staple wardrobe items and some of my new purchases :)...

Re-worked Khaki Army Jacket with Fur collar - From my favourite vintage shop in Liverpool (Littleredvintage) around £45
Blue flower dress - Miss Selfridge £32
Tan shoes - Topshop £5!!
Necklace - Forever 21 (Gift)

This jacket is like my favouriteeeeeeee!! I had been dying to get one for ages and i think i nabbed myself this vintage piece last summer when me and Alex went for one of our regular trips up to Liverpool (he goes for the football and i drag along to have a massive day of shopping - its perfect!). There is this super cute vintage shop i managed to find due to some researching beforehand on the internet which i have visited about 5 times now when tripping to Liverpool. They dont actually have a website but check out their facebook - Littleredvintage, they have recently put together lots of festival outfits from items within their shop. 

Anyways.. they had lots of these jackets, all very unique as they had been re-worked with different fur collars, this one was my favourite and had the best fit and i cant stop wearing it, it works so well with most outfits! This MissSelfridge dress is so cute! I ended up buying it on the weekend, i actually hadn't been in the store for so long and it really is one of those shops where i always end up coming out with another shopping bag on my arm! I couldn't resist this item as i thought it was a lovely dress for summer! 

The shoes, now these are another story! I think the bargain price of £5 says it all, seriously so so cheap for Topshop! I was lucky enough a while back to stumble into Topshop when it happened to be the day before their biiiig sale and they were putting various shoes out already into the sale display. I ended up getting two pairs of these, one in tan and one in black both for a fiiiver, and they are just beautiful! I think they are real leather too... i ended up having a long discussion with the sales assistant as to how lucky i was to get my hands on them as they had been given a massive price cut from £50 each!! I'm so glad i went in that day :)! 

We went to Allbarone in Gunwharf for Tapas, didn't even realise they did their own Tapas menu but my god it was yummy! We ended up going for the 5 dishes for £22, think you can get 3 for £13 or 7 for £33 as well. Also sun-thurs after 5pm they have some cocktails for £4.50 all night and i am a massive lover of Cosmo's so i ended up having more than a couple of these, might as well when they are that price :)! 

We ended up opting for the 5 dishes of; 
  • HALLOUMI SKEWERS with red onion, red pepper & balsamic relish 
  • CHICKEN & COURGETTE SKEWERS with a chilli jam 
  • PARMESAN CRISPY GNOCCHI with garlic and parsley butter
  • HOMEMADE BEEF MEATBALLS in spicy tomato sauce 

I would definitely recommend this place for Tapas, it was so nice as it was a lot more of a social meal and imagine it would be great with lots of dishes shared between a big group of friends!

Hope you enjoyed the post! I'd love to hear if any of you have any other places of recommendation for Tapas, i'd love to try something like this again and didn't think i'd be such a big fan!

Love Beckiiii-boo xXx


  1. Your comment is so true, if you like something why not. I love this jacket, I have a cute Topshop parka with leather elbow patches I wear it all the time. I can't believe your shoes are a fiver, that is the best buy I think I've read about. Lovely post now following on bloglovin.

  2. You're look very nice (: I like you khaki Jacket

    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin and/or gfc?
    Let me know if you want and I follow you back :D

    1. Sounds good to me, ill follow you on both bloglovin and gfc so please do the same if you like my blog :)

      I'm going to have a little peek at your blog posts now :)


  3. Thanks! I follow u too (:

  4. You look lovely, I love the dress! :) I've followed you on bloglovin xxx

  5. That jacket is amazing!

    cat x

    1. thanks very much! Its my favourite vintage piece :) xXx


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