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Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Slideshow of Desire!

Thought i'd give the whole blogging thing a go, I've decided to finally go live and showcase them on public display (ahhh) I hope you like my posts! 

WANT by psy90170 on

Oh MY! These three items I really reaaaaaaaaally want. 
1. Anne Klein Watch - I have been looking for a watch like this for ages, ive seen quite a few potentials on ebay but i'm still unsure whether to trust the sellers as they are mostly foreign - if anyone has any advice on good sellers or ones they have purchased from before i'd love to know! I really like the 'rose gold' versions ive seen with the chunky metal straps and they are all so shinyy and pretty! I think thats the main reason i'm so captured! 

2. Black Studded Bottom Bag - This is just purrrfect! I think the main reason i like this bag so much is because of the studded base, tbh the rest of the bag is a pretty bog standard design and a black handbag is always such an easy purchase and a staple item of most people. It's definitely the studs! 

3. Denim Parka with fur hood - This just works so well. I love the acid wash look, i already have some of the acid wash jeans for topshop and im such a sucker for oversized jackets, especially cosy boyish ones like this. Its ideal because it looks big and snug and the fur collar is an added bonus which is also detachable which makes me want to just buy this jacket even more as it boasts a unique style. I may just go ahead and purchase it right now.. 

Tu-da-looooo & much lovin' 


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  1. You should buy a cheap black bag and stick studs on yourself! Would be a cheap alternative! :)



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