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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disco Pants

This was an outfit I put together and wore for NYE but i never took any photos, so i rekindled the outfit and thought i'd give it a go as i haven't actually done an outfit post yet. 

 i've finally just about recovered (i hope) from this flu virus i had since last week, was so SO awful, so its nice to be up and about and im not actually back to work now until thursday so its made a change having some free time, actually makes a change from being in bed or dead on the sofa. However, i gotta take it easy though cause i did take a bit of a hit earlier when i tried walking around in some of my heels again, jesus my energy levels are gonna need rebuilding! Ha

Black Velvet Spotted Top - H&M £7.99
Cross Pendant Necklace - Topshop £12ish
Disco Style Pants / Leggings -  Topshop £30
Black Heels with Gold Studs - Primark -£16
Blue Stone Ring - H&M £3.99 i think

I've wanted some lookalike disco pants for ageeeees now and finally got my hands on this topshop pair for christmas (thanks mummy :)) however, topshop do annoy me, maybe its just me?!? but some bits seem to fray and break sooo easily. The inside button has already fallen off due to poor threading, however im sure its a quick sneaky sewing job i could get mum to do but still its unnecessary hassle isn't it! If your not too bothered about a price tag and dont mind maybe re-sewing a button they are indeed very comfy and stretchy. I still think im going to invest in another pair off ebay i've had my eye on for a while, some navy blue ones, click here 
 Don't worry about missing a bid, the same seller seems to have a current pair going every couple of days! :)

Lookalike Litas!

Faux Jeffrey Campbell PU Leather Studded & Spiked Litas - Ebay £19.99 

Finally i got some of these babies also, they arrived today (eeek) I was a little worried previously as to whether these would be easy to walk in but wow they are supeeeer comfy and just so gorgeous. I know theres alot of these lookalikes all over the place so lots of choice, however i found these beauties on ebay, i found the link on another blog which recommended this seller, i literally ordered the other day and they have come so quick and only cost £19.99 plus postage! So if your looking for a pair and are a bit indecisive to make a decision without the go ahead from someone else, go for it ;-) 



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  1. I just bought a pair of disco pants myself, can't wait to wear them! You looked fab in your NYE outfit :)



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