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I've found my Oasis.

Arm Cuff - House of Fraser (*)
Sandals - Sam Edelman (*)

Say hello to my little House of Fraser ensemble!
I've been lucky enough to choose a few bits off the site recently so I thought I would post them all together as they seem to work so well combined. It's like I was unconsciously dressing up this outfit in my head through the checkout..
The main thing that attracted me to this maxi dress was the two-tone contrast, I saw one a while back that had a leopard print skirt with black strap top that I fell in love, and haven't found since.. but this is very similar, so I'm more than happy with my find.
I'm loving the sexy side splits too! 
The jewellery I chose; a classic sliver open arm cuff and the bold pink stone necklace have my name written all over them, the boho accessorizing vibe is my absolute favourite! 
This is such a cool laid back look which I can't wait to wear over & over..



  1. Oh wow that dress is incredible you nail summer style to a t xxx

    1. Thank you hun! I love summer clothing, but part of me can't help want to wear big cosy knits again :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I've got a very unhealthy obsession with hats.. I hardly go a post without wearing one ha xxx

  3. Lovely choices! I didn't realise this was a maxi, I thought it was too seperates! Looks gorgeous though. Great jewellery too.

    I'm currently running a giveaway on my blog, would love for you to pop over

    1. A few people have said that.. Think it's a separate skirt and top or even floral trousers. I would love to nab myself a pair of floral trousers! Xxx

  4. Love this outfit, you look incredible! xx


  5. Wooow nice dress.You look so pretty❤❤❤



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