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#OOTD: A Spot In The Dry

// Khaki Parka: Urban Outfitters //
// Checkered Flannel Shirt: Topshop //
// Chunky Gold Necklace: Topshop // 
// Joni Jeans: Topshop //
// Leather Brogue Boots: Topshop // 

I adore my new Topshop Leather Brogue Boots!!!
Don't you just love them? 
I would never normally buy boots this expensive myself (they were £65), which you're all probably thinking isn't expensive at all.. 
So I asked for these for Christmas and mum answered my wish!
And I'm so glad she did.. because they are beautiful.. not only are they leather, they are super sturdy and really comfy. They have completely shaped around my feet. 
I think I've been buying wrong all this time, I'm feeling much more inclined to spend a bit more money on shoes now as I'm probably getting a lot more wear for my money. 
I'm always on the lookout for a bargain but sometimes I think I tend to overlook the quality, which I then pay for later on when my feet are practically squelching on the open wet floor. 
So yeah these shoes are a hit with my feet ((thumbs up :))
Also this gorgeous flannel shirt was a Christmas present from my boyfriend, who did very well I might add picking it out on his own.. 

Despite my calm typing, I am currently in a state of nervous panic.
I start my Business Course in London tomorrow and all trains today have been cancelled on my route to London Victoria due to flooding and landslides.
I was really hoping for a smooth first couple of days to ease me in but I'm sensing a super early morning leaving the house at 7am in order to get a lift with my dad to Gatwick Airport and hopefully get a train over to London from there.
Wish me luck (I'm gonna need it)
As long as I get there!
Getting home will be a different story... 


  1. Those boots are gorgeous... I think you're right, it's worth splashing out for good quality sometimes! I think the tartan and khaki go together really well too :)

    Good luck your first day tomorrow!! I hope it goes well and your journey there isn't too troublesome!
    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

  2. This is such a perfect outfit, love the shirt! :) x

  3. Gorgeous shoes! I'm recently realising that too, I invested in some black heeled chelsea boots and Dr martens so they will last :) xx

  4. It definitely is worth splashing out sometimes, who doesn't love a good splurge?! Good luck with your course! Hope everything goes well with your trains and you get all sorted

  5. Great boots, good choice. Hope you got to uni ok chick and the first day wasn't too bad!

  6. I love your boots they are gorgeous, and your hair up really suits you! xxx

  7. lovely post and pictures are great! xxx
    please follow back! :)

  8. Great outfit - best of luck!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  9. Love the outfit! Especially in love with your shirt!

  10. Uh wow yes I do love those boots!! Yeah when it comes to shoes I never like to cheap out no matter how tempted I am by the price... Definitely quality over quantity! Rubbish to hear about the trains but everything will go absolutely fine - Good luck! :)

    Amy x
    Everything and Amy

  11. i think your boyfriend has good taste! it's quite nice!

  12. :) love the boots & the parka :)
    I hope your first day went well & your second day too :)



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