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Tartan Plaid Jacket.

// Grey Polo Neck: H&M //
// Chunky Gold Necklace: Topshop //
// Check Midi Bodycon Skirt: Topshop //
// Tan Wedge Boots: Modatoi // 

Hiiiii guys!
I'm afraid I've had to do another post inside as I'm never home before its dark recently, oh and might I add, all of our neighbour's fence has blown down so I feel a bit embarrassed taking pictures outside at the moment! 
We seem to have no plain white walls in our house, they all seem to be covered in pictures, or the rooms I take photos in are covered in Christmas decoration or there are random bits and bobs laying around so I apologise for these pictures, they are making me angry as I type!!
I much prefer my outside pristine surroundings!! 
I love this Black Tartan Plaid Boyfriend Jacket I was sent from Karma Clothing. 
It didn't take long to convince myself I still had a space in my wardrobe for another coat jacket and this one is just perfect.
Its nice and lightweight, therefore easy to carry around and I'm thinking a perfect outfit accessory for when I'm on the move and travelling around London for my business course.
Its really snug inside and a great length, I don't really own any boyfriend jackets this long so its a great alternative! And at such a bargain price of £15.99 you really can't go wrong with this handy throw-over.
I put this outfit together as I thought it was quite smart, and could fit the smart / casual attire I will need to be wearing for the next 3 months, what do you guys think?
I'd love to know your thoughts! 

I've also got my fringe back again.. A New Year always calls for a fresh haircut :)
Its definitely worth checking out Karma Clothing here if you want affordable fashion that wont break the bank!



  1. Love the mix of prints :) That boyfriend jacket is everything

    Ruth x

  2. Love your coat xx

  3. Wow, that jacket is seriously gorgeous. Jealous.

    Hayley -


  4. Fabulous outfit! Love your jacket and love how you styled it :)

  5. Gorgeous outfit! Love the skirt, the boots and the jacket, and the polo neck top ties it all together so well! :)

    I feel your pain, I've been struggling to get good photos with it getting dark so early too. Yours look great, though, don't worry! :) I think they look nice with pictures and furniture in them!

    Helen at Hels yeah! xx

  6. You tartan midi skirt, I want one in every colour

  7. That jacket is gorgeous! xx

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