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#OOTD: Leopard Print Fur Coat.

// Leopard Print Fur Coat: Dorothy Perkins (Sale) // 
// Polo Neck: H&M // 
// Knit with Jeweled Collar: H&M //
// Leigh Jeans: Topshop // 
// Lace-up Boots: New Look (Mens) // 

It's time to bring out the fur coats and snuggle up under those collars!
Seriously is it just me or does the temperature really feel like its dropped all of a sudden in the past couple of days?
I'm freezing! Wondering how long I will be able to keep up these outside outfit posts.
A pretty boring plain outfit for you today, 
I just really wanted to whip out the fur coat and layer up in my polo-neck which looks great with my cute H&M top with it's jeweled collar. 
I need to start getting some posts scheduled as I'll be officially on holiday from next Wednesday! 
I'm super excited as our family from Australia are coming over to stay.
I actually haven't seen my Auntie for over 6 years and one of my cousins who I last saw when she was about 13.. My dad has lots of trips planned for us while they are visiting us in the UK.

To mention a few plans;
- Staying in a castle in Bath, 
- Staying over and visiting the sights around London, 
- as well as to finish off the second week a couple of days in Paris!

I'm super duper excited and there is going to be lots of trips for me to blog about.
So watch this space :)



  1. Gorgeous coat, looks lovely and cosy! x
    Sweet Dreams

  2. I LOVE this look! You look gorgeous doll!

  3. AMAZING coat!

  4. Love your coat you look amazing! So jealous of you going to Paris!!!! Ahhh I'm desperate to go you'll have an amazing time!!

  5. That coat looks so cosy and warm. Your holiday plans sound amazing! Have fun!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  6. I love a nice pop of leopard print here and there :) This coat looks so snug

    Ruth x

  7. I love the polo neck underneath, I kind of love laid back chic sometimes! This coat really suits you, looks lovely xx

  8. The coat looks so soft and warm, and I love the layering over the polo neck. Also jealous of your various planned outings (namely Paris!)

    // xx

  9. Yes to this coat. Gorgeous!
    And double yes to Paris - oodles of pictures please :o)
    M x Life Outside London


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