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Photography Fashion Project

Found photographs from my fashion project i did for Photography a while back, was just having a look back on them and thought i'd share them with you. I really enjoyed the whole shoot and thinking up a theme for it. I really wanted to capture the essence of fashion being portrayed in unusual places, sort of abstract style. I wanted my models to be wearing sort of lavish dresses (posh prom style), and then i could photograph them in unusual places. Brighton is an awesome location because we used the pier and elements of the fairground. Wasn't even sure if we were meant to but some lovely man agreed i could borrow the bumper cars.. ha!  We did get quite alot of funny looks, but then again i was glad, because this was the reaction i wanted to evoke! 

It really helped that my friend on the far right (Chloe - green dress) was such a good model, always strikes the right poses and even agreed to my idea of heading into the water, getting her dress soaked, where we went under the pier for photographs within the iron structuring, which i think went down a treat!!

P.S. Think it helped that i have such beautiful photogenic friends, damn them!

Anyways, i'd love to know what you think of them :) XX


  1. These are really good! They look very professional and I really like the black dress!

    Emma (came from the bloghop) xx

  2. Haha sorry just realised it's not black its a darkish browny red :p

    1. Awwh thank you! I knew which one you meant lol. I'll check out your blog now :) XX

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