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#OOTD: Living out of boxes...

 Dress - Missguided Sale
Wooden Platform Heels - Treds
Denim Jacket - H&M (old)


I'm currently living between two homes it feels like, i hate living out of boxes. My lovely flat in the back of all my pictures is now completely empty and very WHITE... and i gave the keys back yesterday, boohoo.
Missing it already. 

 Just got back from Alton Towers yesterday, which was AWESOME btw. I'm a massive roller coaster junkie. Love AIR, i felt like i was flying, you actually lie down so when you put your arms out you really do feel like superman, and we queued for the front - definitely worth the extra 15 minutes! 
I don't really rate that new 14 looping roller coaster too much, I didn't even get to the chance to go on it as both days we were there it was closed due to 'technical faults'. Bloody brilliant! Its hardly been working since it opened! 

At least we got our tickets re-validated so free to hit up the park again for free over the summer. Its just the getting there!

Outfit Post; Just wanted to share this with you quickly as its one i took just before we started packing all our bits up.. (sob) but is a very summery inspired look, perfect now we've got the weather for it!! 

I got this dress in the Missguided sale a while back, its so cute and you can't actually see very well with my pictures but its actually got cut out sides by the waist, i love the bold flowery print!

Also i'm sure a few of you have seen these heels making their way across the blogger network, i've seen so many people with them and a massive bargain for a fiver!! Yes thats right, i first discovered them on the lovely Islaay's blog. They are pretty decent as well considering i didn't really expect much from the quality but im pleasantly surprised. 



  1. Cute dress and I love your shoes!

  2. I got those shoes too. Definitely the bargain of the century!!
    You look great :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, i know we all seem to have them!

      Always peeking at your blog, love it


  3. I love how that dress looks with the jacket and those shoes. Very cute!

  4. Aw what a cute outfit!

    check out my blog?

  5. Lovely dress! I love the floral Pattern xo

  6. Love that dress, the colour really suits you :) I've never been able to pull off red but always love it on other people!
    Those shoes are so beautiful, I've seen a few bloggers raving about them can't believe how cheap they are!!
    Love Holly x //

    1. Thanks Holly, i know incredibly cheap! You should see if they still have them on the website :) xo


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